Ozzie Myers Confesses To Philly Vote Fraud

Ozzie Myers Confesses To Philly Vote Fraud — The legendary Michael “Ozzie” Myers — yes, the one-time Democrat congressman for Philadelphia’s 1st District is a legend who has inspired movies and songs — is back in the news for orchestrating vote fraud in Philadelphia.

Hey, Bill Barr did you see that? Might give you a good laugh.

Granted, the fraud to which Ozzie copped a plea occurred in primary elections in 2014 and 2018 but only a blind fool would think similar things weren’t likely in 2020.

Ozzie Myers Confesses To Philly Vote Fraud
Ozzie Meyers circa 1980

Myers has confessed to colluding for several years with 39th Ward judges of elections Domenick J. Demuro of the 36th Division and Marie Beren of the 2nd Division to add votes for his preferred candidates.

The Department of Justice says Myers paid Demuro between $300 and $5,000 per election while he merely directed Ms. Beren as to whom to give the votes.

That sexist bastard.

If one is Boomer like Barr who can’t get one’s mind around the tech behind 2000 Mules, ask why certified ballot-counting GOP watchers in Philly were unwillingly kept 18 feet away — an impossible distance at which to discern details — as thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of ballots were counted.

Ask whatever did happen to those USB drives and laptop used to program voting machines that were stolen from a city warehouse just before the election.

We’re sure there is an innocent explanation. Snort.

Ozzie Myers Confesses To Philly Vote Fraud

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