Lisa Esler Has Bacon Shakin’

Lisa Esler Has Bacon Shakin'Lisa Esler, the  wife, mother, grandmother, certified optician, and a school board director who is running a write-in campaign for the vacant 161st District State House Seat, has the bacon shakin’.

The fat old swine who have long been in control and have picked a safe stooge in Paul Mullen as their candidate are terrified.

Their obesity, of course, comes at your expense and they don’t want the swill feast you are paying for to end.

The state Republican Party and the unions have so far spent $150,000 to get their boy elected reports Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania.

And all this money has not been aimed at the Democrat in the race but at the grandmother and non-professional politician — you know school directors are not paid, right? — who is running a write-in campaign.

The latest stunt of the old boys has been to get U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey to endorse Mullen.

Lisa Esler Has Bacon Shakin
Paul Mullen (right) campaigning with Joe Sestak against Pat Toomey.

That’s right, the man Mullen campaigned against in 2010 to get a liberal Democrat in office has now endorsed Mullen.

It should be noted that until a few weeks ago, the only people Mullen had been campaigning for were liberal Democrats including Barack Obama and, last fall, John Kane for whom he served as hatchet man.

Anyway, Lisa obviously has a good shot to win despite what they might be telling  you as they would not be firing the salvos against her otherwise. Lisa may not be paying for polling but the big shots sure are, and we can guess what that polling is telling them, LOL.

The election is Aug. 4. If you love your family, if you love your children, bring your pen and write in Lisa Esler.

Lisa Esler Has Bacon Shakin’

3 thoughts on “Lisa Esler Has Bacon Shakin’”

  1. You say “Lisa Esler, the wife, mother, grandmother, certified optician, and a school board director who is running a write-in camp…” Of course she is all those things. Just as important is that she is on our side. She will work to make things easier or us. Sharpen your pencil and vote for her on election day.

  2. It really is hysterically funny that the GOP is shelling out so much money for its well hidden and mute candidate. The Delco GOP has had a real shocker–a grandmother stood up to the Republican machine and a union boss. Time for the Party to wake up and join the 21st century–where people aren’t automatons who do what the party boss says to do. A hint of that was seen at the endorsement farce. Barely enough committee people showed up to make the quorum necessary to vote. More of that independence will be seen on August 4th when Paul Mullen loses. The Party’s cry is that Lisa is splitting the vote and Leanne might win–so what? Whether she or Mullen goes to Harrisburg it’s the same difference. If they had chosen a Republican, this would not be an issue. They only need to look in their own mirrors to see whose “fault” Mullen’s loss really was.

  3. Mary Ellen, that is a great point. If Mullen would do some interviews, they might not have to shell out so much. Wonder why Mullen won’t do interviews. Not really. He’d have to say why he won’t do anything to stop spiraling out-of-control public pensions. He’d have to explain why he won’t sell the liquor stores. He’d have to explain why he left the Penn Delco School Board after but five months. For some reason, I don’t think he wants to explain any of those things.

    Regarding Mullen vs. Leanne, I don’t think that is a concern. It’s looking like Lisa is the front-runner in the race.

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