Lying Media Existential Threat

Lying Media Existential Threat — Many, if not most, of the readers of this site are aware that it has been conclusively established Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick did not die at the hands of those protesting the stolen election, Jan. 6.

It had been initially reported that he had been beaten to death by a fire extinguisher. When that claim collapsed, it was said he died of an allergic reaction to a bear spray.

Lying Media Existential Threat
Part of Glenn Greenwald’s Substack story. We recommend buying a subscription.

Well, the District of Columbia medical examiner has ruled he died of natural causes the day after the incident.

Leaving aside the strange delay in the ruling — this should have been easily established within hours of Sicknick’s death — the media outlets claiming a beating death also should have known, or been extremely skeptical, about that cause.

They weren’t, of course. They willfully lied. Why does anyone trust them?

Glenn Greenwald writes about how the media is no longer a conduit of necessary information but a propaganda tool for those who want to use the reins of government to acquire wealth and power.

His Substack content requires a subscription so you may not see the article. At $5 per month or $50 per year, we recommend subscribing.

In a related matter that is being freely broadcast to the world and just as directly establishes the corruption in journalism, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has revealed admitted willful lying by gatekeepers at CNN, especially with regard to Covid-19.

Please understand this: These people are literally trying to destroy this county with lies. You have an obligation to reject what they are saying. Disbelief should be the default.

Most of us should really delete our Facebook accounts. All of us should quit Google and make DuckDuckGo — or another non-Big Tech organization — the default search engine on desktop and mobile.

Lying Media Existential Threat

3 thoughts on “Lying Media Existential Threat”

  1. Great post! Hopefully, it will awaken some of the sleeping beauties out there who refuse to use common sense or logic or critical thinking skills, and can be counted on to accept any lie via the FakeNews media.

  2. Is “enemy of the people” too strong to describe the relentlessly political fabricated narratives pretending to be news?

  3. An interesting detail about liars: Florida maquis (you tube) showed that some states received hydroxychloroquine free from Israel, so they could be ready to dispense this creative and preventative medicine. (If you remember, at the beginning of this plandemic, that it was proven that the malaria and lupus medicine worked well and was inexpensive. You know it was forbidden by our loving government alphabet agencies and Big Pharma.)
    So DeSantis says it expires in 2 years, and he wants to dispense it to needy lupus patients ( wrongfully denied access to Rx use in 2020. Point being, “they” want to keep the mask mandate through 2022. Two years.”They” want to prevent anyone from remembering that quinine, Plaquanil, etc. prevents and treats this “virus” and maybe all of its “variants.”

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