Mean Conservative Joke Of The Day

Here is our Mean Conservative Joke Of The Day:

Mean Conservative: Hey Chelsea, you think Joe should go to prison?

Chelsea C: Joe who?

Mean Conservative: Joe Mamma.


There’s More Than Enough Evidence, Especially on Classified Info Abuse to Arrest Hillary Clinton Now

Mean Conservative Joke Of The Day
Ah like it!

6 thoughts on “Mean Conservative Joke Of The Day”

  1. Happy Anniversary.

    Twenty years ago today, President Clinton told the world: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

  2. Bill and Hillary should be given life in the same cell. What a wonderful sentence that would be!

    1. Oh no, across from each other is much more confining. No physical contact – no human touch for life with any living being in solitary. No opportunity to plot, plan nor scheme. No outside communication is in order as they still have too many manipulated, paid supporters. They robbed the world and they need to do without. In absolute compassion, let them live to see and miss out on what our world truly was meant to be. They wanted an automated world – give it to them! lmto!

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