Meehan Won’t Seek Re-election

Meehan Won't Seek Re-electionMeehan Won’t Seek Re-election — The allegation that he made puppy-love eyes at an aide was enough. Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Pa7) announced last night (Jan. 25) that he will not seek re-election.

Console yourself, Pat. Have a dish of ice cream.  We still see a Hallmark movie here somewhere.

And we do appreciate the irony.

Who will replace him?  Democrats Drew McGinty, an IT professional; Elizabeth Moro, a Realtor; attorney Dan Muroff; and Molly Sheehan are actively seeking the job, as is Republican Joe Billie, a former Navy petty officer who has long planned a primary campaign.

We suppose we have to see what the 7th District’s boundaries are before a clearer picture emerges. Way to screw up the election process, Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Daylin Leach, the Democrat 17th District state senator, has put his candidacy on hold due to sexual harassment issues of his own. 

Meehan Won’t Seek Re-election

One thought on “Meehan Won’t Seek Re-election”

  1. I Love self imposed term limits. Now if we can get the rest of those slobs to give up after four years The USA would be what Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin had envisioned.
    Term Limits! That’s the ticket!

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