Shapiro Institutes Driver License Voter Registration

Shapiro Institutes Driver License Voter Registration —Gov. Josh Shapiro just announced that eligible voters getting a new driver’s license or ID card in Pennsylvania are now automatically registered to vote.

It’s an unwise tone-deaf thing to do considering the vast number with suspicions about the integrity of our elections.

Unless of course, the idea is to create permanently rigged elections.

ChescoUnited recently described how a whole lot of registered voters don’t know they vote.

Just wait until Pennsylvania start giving illegals driver’s licenses.

Yeah, that is in the works, and will happen if the Democrats manage to take the State Senate.

Here is a list of states that give illegals drivers licenses.

Shapiro Institutes Driver License Voter Registration --Gov. Josh Shapiro just announced that eligible voters
Making vote fraud even easier

Shapiro Institutes Driver License Voter Registration

10 thoughts on “Shapiro Institutes Driver License Voter Registration”

  1. Well! It’s about time they started giving automatic voter registrations since they’ve had automatic voting for so long for living and dead non-voters (and sometimes living voters who wait to go to the polls only to discover they’ve already “voted” by mail and are turned away or given a provisional ballot that never gets counted)! This way the all-powerful “they” can super-pad the voter registration rolls and make it nearly impossible for us to block the vote stealing using the registrations of non-voters to submit their programmed ballots. They’re way ahead of us and this will overwhelm the comparatively anemic (no disrespect to the grass roots boots on the ground efforts, they’re just way to underfunded and under supported compared to what we’re up against) registration cleansing efforts currently underway. Live non-voters are so much better than dead voters from a vote-cheat optics standpoint. Another nail in the coffin of free and fair elections.

  2. That’s exactly what he is doing. Rig the election with illegal aliens. The Democrats know they are in trouble and could possibly lose in the next election, so they have to cheat their way to keep power.

    Republicans have to get their act together and defeat this power grab, especially in the judicial races. We know that Delaware County is a sanctuary
    County and we are starting to see the destruction they are creating.

    Republicans, get a spine and do your job!

    1. Unfortunately the “Republicans”, meaning the party leaders and officeholders at all levels have done nothing meaningful over the last 3 years to stop the steal. It is left up to us, the People, to do something about it and our side of the fight is not very well organized or funded. There’s lots of people doing things in small clusters, but no real organized effort. Compared to the folks orchestrating the election rigging, we’re barely a nuisance. By the way, this could only happen with the ascent of both parties, so don’t be expecting the Rs to be of any more help then they already are…NONE! don’t forget who gave us Act 77 in the first place!

  3. Shapiro is merely fertilizing the ground in which he has planted the seeds for his plan to become president. Other states will follow suit until the country is overrun with the vile weeds that will kill our Republic.

    The Republican party has already capitulated. We no longer have a two-party system. Asking for the GOP to stand up to the takeover is like asking a wheelchair-bound person to get up and walk. It won’t happen.

      1. I’m sorry about your situation but it’s not just the illegal that harmed you, it’s the ruling class that is permitting them to be here in the first place who deserve the lion’s share of the blame for all of the harm illegal immigration is causing. It’s on purpose and serving that illegitimate un-American purpose very well, all to our great detriment. I will pray for you and our country.

  4. It might be worth noting that Shapiro is violating the Constitution which assigns to the LEGISLATURE the authority to prescribe the time and manner of elections. Registration is part of the election process. We need an attorney versed in election law, to press this case. This is not a time merely to make some snarky (albeit well-deserved) comments about the the nefarious nature of the governor. It must not be allowed to stand. If you are such an attorney, please come forward; it is your time.
    We also need 1,000 citizens willing to donate $100 each to support the attorney’s work. I will gladly be one of them. If you are another, please post here. Perhaps our worthy Gazeteer can us connected.

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