Election Fraud Revealed In Chester County?

Election Fraud Revealed In Chester County? — ChescoUnited discussed , Aug. 10, a canvass of 144 of the 3,115 who voted in 2022 in Chester County, Pa. despite being recorded as having had a change of address.

About 70 percent in the canvass appeared to have moved away for good.

A change of address doesn’t necessarily mean an illegitimate vote. A student returning from college or someone who divides his time between two homes could be in the address change database and still legally vote in Chesco.

The canvassers said, however, they could only ascertain that for about 30 percent.

Which means 70 percent very well may be illegitimate voters.

This is a pretty strong indication of fraud.

Considering the willingness of people to hack an ID for a few thousand dollars why would anyone even question the possibility that some might conspire to steal a government with access to a billion or trillion dollars?

Also revealed was that 40 percent of the world still does not have access to electricity or gas for cooking, and relies on biomass which would be things like wood, charcoal, crop waste and dung.

These are far more polluting that electricity and gas.

Did you know that a natural gas energy plant takes up only a twentieth the land as one that uses solar power?

Election Fraud Revealed In Chester County

Election Fraud Revealed In Chester County?

5 thoughts on “Election Fraud Revealed In Chester County?”

  1. According to the Post Office OIG, 200,000 ballots were shipped from NY state to Chester county before the 2020 election. Might have been in Jesse Morgan’s trailer? Wish we had honest FBI to investigate.

    1. I wish we had someone honest to investigate the FBI. Can’t wait to hear the plan Mike Lindell is going to unveil next week at his symposium. I’m not going this year, but will be keeping an eye on Lindell TV. This is probably our last opportunity to find a way to overcome the rigging of our election system in PA and around the nation, so lets pray they have something that will work.

  2. Read an article in CFP written by an American yesterday that if with enough proof of all this voter fraud the election could be declared null and void so it says somewhere in your USA Constitution though it has never been used before. The writer said that impeachment would leave Harris in as Pres. which could be worse than Biden but that if the election was proven corrupt as it sure looks to me. This method would eliminate that option and that it leaves the country with quickly replacing them?
    I wish Canada had such an out. Our Crime Minister and his gangs of criminals, who have way too much power now, refuses to even let us have the election crime looked into, our illegal election for an illegal coalition placed by UN/WEF China communists. Traitor Truedope collected all kinds of foreign money before being placed here and like your FBI our RCMP were also infiltrated, Canada has fallen there is little hope for an honest Canadian being elected since none of our parties aren’t WEF it appears they all lie and lie.

    1. Nancy – In the end, the US Constitution is only as good as those who are sworn to enforce it. The reason for impeaching the Pretendisent is to show the public the mounds of evidence that prove he is a traitor so that we can mass the numbers of live voters needed to overwhelm the election fraud systems that gave us Biden in the first place. The odds of Biden being “convicted” by the Senate are near zero, so Vice Pretendisent Cackle Harris is not a threat. But even if she were put into the Oval Office, it would make little difference. One puppet or the other, it’s the puppeteer that matters and we can all take a guess at who that is and who he works for.

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