Statements Haunt Daylin Leach

Statements Haunt Daylin Leach — Divisive statements made by incumbent Daylin Leach  at a July 16 Democrat campaign rally at an Elkins Park Synagogue are being turned against him by his Republican opponent in the17th District State Senate race.

“Sen. Leach’s comments Monday night were so far out of line and in such bad form that he proved yet again he is . . .clearly the most divisive member of the Pennsylvania Legislature,” Charles Gehret said.
Leach was a warm-up speaker at the event at Congregation Keneseth Israel which was headlined by Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
“As an active member of the Pennsylvania chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition, I am disgusted by Sen. Leach’s comments and enraged he would say something so inflammatory and false about his political opponents,” said Bob Guzzardi, a Gehret supporter who serves on serves on the boards of Middle East Forum, Zionist Organization of America and Yorktown University.”
Leach is denying calling Republicans anti-semites.
One wonders, though, to whom exactly he was referring in his exhortations that Jews vote against them and for the Democrats. One further wonders who these people are who approach him out of the blue and tell him anti-semitic things in confidence due to his name not sounding Jewish, as he claimed at the event.
Some of those who do not have Jewish sounding names find this particular claim rather dubious, btw.
If Leach or the Democrats makes the video of the event public it would clear up quite a bit.
Statements Haunt Daylin Leach

Statements Haunt Daylin Leach


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