Typhoid Mary William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 5-31-19

Once upon a time, our authorities knew how to handle public health. Mary Mallon, a.k.a. Typhoid Mary, was quarantined twice including the last 23 years of her life. She died in 1938 at the age of 69. She was reputedly a strong woman who put up a heck of a fight when she was finally arrested by police and health department officials after a long search.

Children, wash you hands before cooking.

Typhoid Mary William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 5-31-19
Typhoid Mary William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 5-31-19

2 thoughts on “Typhoid Mary William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 5-31-19”

  1. It’s an interesting story, with relevance for us today. We have outbreaks of diseases like measles, which were thought to be all but eradicated. And we have people choosing not get immunized against those diseases. Such cases present the question of where to draw the line, between individual freedom, including the choice not to get vaccinated, and society’s interest in preventing the spread of severe communicable diseases.

  2. If we could again trust for government and pharma the problem ends without law changes.

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