Black Plague Looms For Los Angeles

Black Plague Looms For Los Angeles — Dr. Drew Pinsky on last night’s (May 30) Ingraham Angle reported that Los Angeles is experiencing medieval diseases such as typhus, typhoid fever, and, notably, the bubonic plague, which killed half of Europe in the 14th century.

Black Plague Looms

“We have a complete breakdown of the basic needs of civilization in Los Angeles,” Pinsky said.

He said airborne disease like tuberculous is exploding.

He said that rat-borne disease is unchecked as L.A. is one of the country’s few major cities that doesn’t have a rodent control program.

There will be a typhus outbreak this summer, he said, and worse.

“I’m hearing from experts that bubonic plague is likely. It’s already here,” he said.

And of course, there is the disease spread by fecal filth in the street like typhoid fever.

“This is not Third World,” he said. “This is medieval. Third World countries would be insulted if they were accused of being like this,

Welcome to the Golden State. Guess that’s what happens in “sanctuary states” that consider unrestricted abortion to be the primary health objective.

Pinsky noted that L.A. is sub-optimally immunized.

“God forbid if measles gets in,” he said.

Questions for all the progressives sneering at the anti-vaxxers: Do unvaccinated illegal immigrants — who exponentially outnumber anti-vaxxers — cause any concern for you?

For laughs, the Los Angeles Times is blaming “climate change” for the looming plague outbreak. Do people really still believe the garbage the establishment media is feeding them?

Black Plague Looms For Los Angeles

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  1. This a very sick situation and if unchecked the whole damned country will be infected withtrash from south of the boarder clean this shit up California you jerks and movie stars

    1. Distribute gallons of “Super Tonic” (a la Dr. Richard Schulze) also known as the “Plague Tonic”. See also Dr. Christopher

    2. …And the LA Times blames Climate Change!!!!! Nothing to do with illegal aliens and homeless (who are not helped)… Nothing to do with Democrat policies…

      1. Dems have really lost it. They dont know how to think anymore. They’re supporting everything against YESHUA. So because of that YESHUA has turned over their minds to EVIL.

          1. Measles is already here. There
            have been a few migrants with the measles.

    3. All are Americans that are homeless. These people are not from South of the boarder. Theses are people that are on drugs,lost jobs, have mental issues lost their housing for what ever reason. There is homeless people all over the USA. This is not only a California problem. This awful what is happening in California. It’s disgusting but it’s truth. Just remember it can be happening in your State next. Hope and pray it will be taken care of every where in America. The government needs to step and help the poor and homeless. These are Americans not illegals. Praying for America and human kindness.

      1. How about the State of California helping their residents, instead of luring illegals there with their SOCIALIST policies!!!!!!!

    1. Good thing we cant blame this past election though, sanctuary states might be the consequence to this. Shoot maybe democratic run states for lack of a better description. Or maybe greedy politicians.

  2. Keep those homeless illegal.immigrants coming, say the clueless California liberal Democrat politicians. It is why we have immigration laes, but these imbeciles running these California cities caused their own demise, now I assume they want help.

  3. This is a direct result of the left-wing liberal Democrats and their sick mindsets. Keep your people and diseases south of the border!!! Never could I have imagined this in the USA in the 21st century…

  4. I am truly sorry to say it, but this is so deserved.. You people have asked for this.. You keep bringing the illegal’s in for the votes , well have at it.. These people are pooping in the streets, and live like animals so it’s hard to feel sorry for ya .. Just make sure you keep them on your side of the Country ok.. SMDH !!!

    1. Who are you talking about? I live here and completely disagree with all this crap and did not, would not and NEVER WILL vote for these vermin. How can you say it’s deserved? Cruel and thoughtless words to throw around. You don’t think EVERYONE here is a babbling liberal fuck up do you? Most of us are in as much if not more fear than the rest of the country. I just bought my first home and now I want to throw my achievement to the wind and move away from hell. I believe its voter fraud and they do as they please. WE NEED A REVOLUTION AND WIPE THEM OUT OF EXISTENCE!!!!! Too many are just accepting this as the way it is. Give up your guns, take the vaccine, pay 75% of you pay to taxes and die… I’ll Die fighting thank you

      1. Well said Teri – sorry you are stuck there – It will probably only get worse- You are one of the good ones there

      2. Nicely said. I’m sure everyone in California is not a liberal. Good luck with your fight. People in California need to get rid of the looney leftist and the crazies in Hollywood. I feel for you that have enough sense to know which side you need to be on. On the other hand the rest of the country doesn’t need this problem so we would appreciate it very much if you could keep it on your side of the fence. The East coast has a high population and if it ends up over here, that will be the death of this country.

        1. With unrestricted travel in the US this is bound to find its way to all the rest of the country very soon. This is a horrible situation that may not have a solution as long as the LA Time and CA politicians are in denial.

        2. The East Coast should be worried also. The liberal loons in New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Virginia, etc.are all about giving sanctuary to illegals and murdering babies. California is lost, but the East Coast should look to its own cities also.

      3. Very well expressed Teri . Sorry to hear that your locked in for now – but on the plus side perhaps there’s enough like minded loyal Americans similar to you still left in California that could perhaps take back your state from the corrupt lunatics. I honestly wish you luck.

    2. Completely agree with you Bonnie. If they aren’t checking for third world illnesses coming in the country this is what we are in store for.

  5. Well, #1. this isn’t only a California problem since many other cities in different states have the same problem. And some of those that sneer at California – many of these bums have come from their states for a reason.

    quote from article: “We have a complete breakdown of the basic needs of civilization in Los Angeles,” Pinsky said.

    Well, I disagree – I think we have a complete breakdown of many people’s decency to remain decent and to be decent. Instead they prefer to take drugs and/or alcohol, or have chosen to be bums. It has been shown that it is less than 10 that are truly mentally ill unless they have taken their drugs of choice for so long their brains have been ‘blown out’ by those drugs.

    Otherwise I agree with the article.

  6. The solution for un-vaxxed illegals is to stop letting them in. Depending on our ridiculous vaxxes that only make us sicker and more unable to fight it off on our own, will not work against idiotic politics. Send them home. Get vaxxes that work. Problem solved.

  7. Concrete and chaos rise up
    Spiderweb across the land
    Like a giant rash
    Forests lie down below
    Foundations of buildings in a bed of ash
    Some people here got it real good
    Cuz the glass towers bring prosperity
    Other people starve in the street
    Because concrete knows no sympathy
    Big city, big city, big city
    Big city its a wishing well
    Big city its a living hell
    This town its fucking insane
    How one will starve and another will gain
    Like a giant mechanical brain
    And the people are cells and the streets are veins
    It thinks only of itself
    A thousand limbs crawling as it expands and grows
    And still the concrete sits there
    Sits there stark grey and cold
    Big city, big city, big city
    Big city its a wishing well
    Big city its a living hell
    And I think I wanna be a brick layer
    So I can put another brick in the wall
    Its sanitary rational happy and sane
    Growing like a flower to surround us all
    Big city, big city, big city
    Big city its a wishing well
    Big city its a living hell

  8. No laughing matter…California friends intent on leaving the state were literally warned by one or more other states to not bring any fruits or unclean belongings or stored belongings that have not been thoroughly cleaned and inspected, for of all things fleas, mice and rats. Ditto for any dogs and cats as well, that must be inspected and health checked.

    Just a joke ? Not hardly.

  9. This is an out rage clean up your big mess California I don’t care if you have to call in help from all over. Leftest liberal assholes. You create big messes every where you rule And this is totally your mess letting in illegals. Telling us to get vaccinated When illegals just stream in bringing every disease. What a fucking joke. I don’t know how stupid you think we are. But you are totally off your rocker.

    1. Look at who represents California. Pelosi, Waters, Fienstien and many more! They are putting the entire country at risk. No telling how many of them have spread across America! This is NWO people. Destroy as many people as they can so they can keep all resources for themselves! My hope is the so-called leaders are the first to go! BTW Congress, these pos will deliver it to you!
      Think how these people think, wipe put Congress with the black plauge, sweet for them! If it hits NYC it will be g0ne. Of course they will be running to every other state!

    2. I live here and we are not all lunatic liberals. We are fighting an uphill battle for our state. STATE OF JEFFERSON is all about preserving our liberties and freedom. The liberals are all on board with socialism and NWO. I find it impossible to believe that our governing politicians are doing the will of the people. Fuck them

  10. I don’t think the gravity of this situation is yet realized. Bubonic, specifically the “Black Plague” which is the pneumonic form of bubonic has a 100% death rate and is airborne… its last trip around the world killed 50% of all population…. it will not be stopped this time, too many people and travel is much faster. Start wearing a face mask, take a mycin drug as often as possible…. California has successfully killed the United States… Do some research before you bash me…. it is all there! Please please research!

    1. I totally hear you! I work in health care so when a pandemic hits most of us may die and who will be left to help…depopulation ring a bell. The world banks want to own the world and make it their utopia of them and whats left will be slaves to them…some utopia huh?

  11. Why is every story turned into a pilitical crusade. If you are reporting about plague then stay within the boundries

  12. If !you! Don’t end this who the”eff” do ‘you’ think should ?!!! I’ll tell you ! Nuking Cali cities, just a o sterilize them ! Rome razed !every! Plage outbreak in it’s cities !!!

  13. My Sister lived in LA for the last 3 decades. She & her Husband just moved because of how low the city has sunk. Do we want the rest of the country to follow suit?! No way! We must stop all illegal immigration & educate the snowflakes that Socialism is totally wrong!

  14. You knew that there was a problem before you bought your house. But you didn’t want to leave than or now. Enjoy your new house.

  15. Hate to say it but Nature is fighting back and natural selection is going to be very real for the people there far faster than they even realize.

    Enjoy what you are creating by allowing this to continue and being too stupid to stop it. I am speaking of the liberal idiots who are going to the first to get hit with their creation. Send Pelosi and the rest of the idiots running the show there a huge thank you card. You folks that do not stand with them but still live there, you are at great risk of their ignorance. Especially being in the same proximity of all of them.

    Once it hits, they are going to scramble as fast as they can to try to get away from it. This is not something to laugh about people. This is beyond serious.

  16. Plague in LA feces on the street,50 shootings in Chicago this last weekend. Yeah democRATS are for the people. Illinois just passed a tax increase that will hit poor people where it hurts double gas tax and car license plates, income tax increase, and then they gave themselves a raise for being such “good fellas”!

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