Cryptowit Puzzle 8-17-13

Cryptowit Puzzle 8-17-13 by William W. Lawrence Sr.

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Answer to yesterday’s puzzle: Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.
Lin Yutang

Charges Of Receiving Stolen Property Upheld

By Pattie Price

Kevin Brown, 28, of Newtown Square, Pa., waived a hearing before Magisterial District Judge Lee Hunter on the charge of receiving stolen property. In exchange for the waiver the charge of theft by unlawful taking or disposition was withdrawn. The charges stem from an incident 3:30 p.m., May 11, at a home in the 400 block of Merlin Road.

According to the affidavit, Newtown Sgt. Dan Dougherty responded to investigate a report of several items, valued at $3,344, stolen from her home the previous day. Discovered missing was a laptop, and two large televisions.

Brown was remanded to the George W. Hill Correctional Facility when he was unable to post 10 percent of $10,000 bail. He is scheduled for a Sept. 12 arraignment in Common Pleas Court.

Hollywood Movies Aren’t Leftist

Hollywood movies aren’t letist By Chris Freind

News flash: Leftist Hollywood is at it again! “Elysium,’ the summer blockbuster starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, has, dare we say it, political overtones, which numerous right-wing groups have denounced as liberal propaganda.

What a surprise.

Honestly, I’m not sure what’s more annoying: These folks sounding like a broken record about the horrors of “liberal’ Hollywood, or the fact that they are, flat-out, completely wrong.

If they stopped blathering for just a second and looked at the real Tinseltown, they would realize that A.) the vast majority of movies have much more of a conservative tilt than a liberal one, and B.) they’d be a whole lot better off becoming part of the entertainment industry instead of incessantly complaining, but doing nothing to change it. In other words, try lighting a few candles instead of cursing the darkness.

A big part of the problem is that too many fail to see the difference between those who produce, direct and star in movies versus the messages of the movies themselves.

Are many, if not most, individuals in the industry politically liberal? No question. But, overall, their movies are not. And that’s because the Hollywood masterminds aren’t dumb. They inherently understand that if they produced films that were leftist in nature, they would lose billions by alienating a huge chunk of American moviegoers. And make no mistake — Hollywood’s first goal is to make money.

The proof is in the pudding, as the most common themes of the biggest movies are anything but far-left: Good guys carrying guns; self-reliance; redemption; racial harmony; fighting for freedom against impossible odds; standing up against corporate greed; stopping terrorists; telling the truth despite the consequences; keeping families together and the rewards of a strong work ethic. Oh, and did we mention good guys carrying guns? (Emphasis on that one never hurts).

So where exactly is that infamous liberal bias? And how do any of the above qualify as leftist indoctrination?

Instead of embracing Hollywood for what it does “right,’ too many on the right ignore the good and instead throw fire to get their 30-second sound bite or use the “liberal Hollywood elite’ line to raise money.

Take all the recent criticism of “Elysium.’ The standard attack line is that it’s a sci-fi socialism pic, portraying the haves versus the have-nots by highlighting the issues of class warfare, health care only for the rich and immigration.

Damon’s character, a factory worker on overpopulated (and slummy) Earth who receives an accidental lethal dose of radiation, can only be saved by obtaining medical treatment on the space station orbiting Earth, which happens to house all the rich 1 percenters. To get there, though, he makes a deal to take up arms and steal (evil) government secrets. While set in the future, critics — and director Neill Blomkamp himself — agree the movie reflects life in the present.

OK, let’s review. Is America increasingly a place where there are haves and have-nots, where the middle class is disappearing, and where class warfare is becoming a way of life? Is there not a major health care crisis, where people now value health care above owning a home, where millions are uninsured, and where those with “money’ are much more likely to receive high-quality care? And do we not have a raging debate about immigration, from open borders to security walls to amnesty for illegals?

So why all the criticism for a movie that asks legitimate questions? Is the right so scared of its own ideas that it can’t defend them, rather than solely resorting to attacks?


Maybe if Republicans stopped their unproductive bashing and offered positive solutions, while holding their own accountable for their (many) mistakes, movies like “Elysium’ wouldn’t hit so close to home.

Is universal health care the answer? Of course not. But it’s not productive, nor accurate, to just blame President Barack Obama (and “liberal’ Hollywood) for these problems, as both parties are equally guilty in driving us to where we stand today.

When the Republicans under George W. Bush had six years and all the power to fix these things, they chose to do nothing. No free-market solutions to health care, no reining in the greed of insurance companies, no border walls, no rational solution for the millions of illegals beyond the insane “deport them all’ line. No overhaul of the immoral tax system, no energy independence, and no reduction in massive government spending, all of which would have led to a more prosperous and exponentially larger middle class — and a vast reduction in the us-against-them mentality that so many Americans now harbor toward their fellow countrymen.

Like it or not, these problems are upon us and they’re only getting worse. If it takes a movie like “Elysium’ to finally make us think about and, hopefully, deal with them, then so be it.

The right would be wise to embrace this movie, engaging in constructive dialogue, rather than cowering behind worn-out attack lines that only serve to marginalize their worthy ideas.

Agree with director Blomkamp’s themes or not, it is commendable that he has put out yet another movie (“District 9′ and its take on the horrors of apartheid was his first blockbuster) that makes us take a hard look at the future. And that future — our future — is now.

Cryptowit Puzzle 8-16-13

Cryptowit Puzzle 8-16-13 by William W. Lawrence Sr.

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Wty Jfelyr

Answer to yesterday’s puzzle: I always prefer to believe in the best of everybody – it saves so much trouble.
Rudyard Kipling

Building Permit Mosque

Building Permit Mosque Hat tip Tom Flocco

Building Permit Mosque — I recently applied for a building permit for a new house.It was going to be 100 ft tall and 400 ft wide, with 9 gun turrets at various  heights, and windows all over the place and a loud outside entertainment  sound system.

Building Permit MosqueIt  would have parking for 200 cars, and I was going to paint it green  with pink trim.

The City Council told me; “Forget it…AIN’T  GONNA HAPPEN!”

So I sent in the application again, but this time  I called it a ‘Mosque’.

Work  starts on Monday.

I love this  country. It’s the Government I’m afraid of.

Commuting Habits Have Not Gotten Greener

Commuting habits have changed, and not for the greener. While the percent of Americans worked from home has risen to 4.2 percent in 2011 from 2.2 percent in 1981, according to, that is significantly less than in 1960 when 7 percent did.

The reason is attributed to the number of those working on family farms a half-century ago, along with it being much more common for doctors and lawyers to work from their homes.

Also far more Americans walked to work back in the day — 9.5 percent in 1960 to 2.7 percent in 2011, which it should be noted is half that of 1981.
And yes, the use of public transportation has dipped from 11. 8 percent to 6 percent to 4.9 percent.

Commuting Habits Have Not Gotten GreenerOf course what has increased significantly is the use of private automobiles for commuting when rose from 62.7 percent to 82.3 percent to 84.4 percent.

Still environmentalists, fret not to much. These stats apply only to those who have jobs. The real unemployment figure has been estimated by some as at 23 percent, still far higher than the still too high official 7.4 percent.

Commuting Habits Have Not Gotten Greener

Fred Phelps Quiz, He Was A D

Fred Phelps was a Democrat What do Fred Phelps of the hate-filled Westboro Baptist Church and the late Bull Connor of the hate-filled Birmingham, Ala. Public Safety Commission have in common?What do Fred Phelps of the hate-filled Westboro Baptist Church and the late Bull Connor of the hate-filled Birmingham, Ala. Public Safety Commission have in common?

They were — or are in Phelps’ case — Democrats.

Connor who, among other hate-filled things, turned fire hoses and unleash police dogs on civil rights supporters in 1963 was a Democratic National Committeeman for Alabama in 1960. He began his career as Democrat member of the Alabama House of Representatives where he supported labor union causes.

He ran for governor of the Alabama in 1938 on a platform of “protecting employment practices, law enforcement, segregation and other problems that have been historically classified as states’ rights by the Democratic party.”

Phelps, whose miniscule congregation became nationally notorious for disrupting military funerals, gay-activists rallies and picketing Catholic institutions,  finished second in the 1992 Democrat primary for United State Senator for Kansas behind Gloria O’Dell who would lose to Bob Dole.

Phelps’s campaigned for Al Gore’s 1988 presidential run and his son Fred Jr. was a Gore delegate that year.

Fred Phelps Quiz


Cryptowit Puzzle 8-15-13

Cryptowit Puzzle by William W. Lawrence Sr.

R jufjhb yanona cx knurnen rw cqn knbc xo nenahkxmh – rc bjenb bx vdlq caxdkun.
Admhjam Tryurwp

Answer to yesterday’s puzzle: Really it comes down to your philosophy. Do you want to play it safe and be good or do you want to take a chance and be great?
Jimmy J


State Of The Nation Humor– Off The Internet

State Of The Nation Humor — Courtesy of Cathy Craddock

Ain’t it the truth!


*Our Phones ~ Wireless

*Cooking ~ Fireless

*Cars ~ Keyless

*Food ~ Fatless

*Tires ~ Tubeless

*Dress ~ Sleeveless

*Youth ~ Jobless

*Leaders ~ Shameless

*Relationships ~ Meaningless

*Attitude ~ Careless

*Wives ~ Fearless

*Babies ~ Fatherless

*Feelings ~ Heartless

*Education ~ Valueless

*Children ~ Mannerless

Everything is becoming LESS
but still our hopes are Endless
In fact we are ~ Speechless

And Congress is


And our President is –

School Director Sticks Up For Forgotten Taxpayer

Penn Delco School Director Lisa Esler has laid out in a letter to the Delaware County Daily Times an excellent set of priorities for  protecting the Forgotten Taxpayer in Pennsylvania that  includes eliminating the prevailing wage on all school, municipal, county and state construction and banning teacher strikes.

Hat tip Bob Guzzardi who notes that he would add  natural gas production to lead to lower energy costs and a higher standard of living for including more jobs and a cleaner environment.