Jay Hileman Aryan Brotherhood Withdrawal

Jay Hileman Aryan Brotherhood — Assistant U.S. Attorney Jay Hileman  has withdrawn from a large Aryan Brotherhood of Texas racketeering case in Houston due to fears and threats following the murders of Kaufman County (Texas) District Attorney Mike McLelland and his assistant prosecutor Mark Haase.

The Aryan Brotherhood, which has its genesis in the Texas prison system, has been suspected of involvement in the McLelland and Haase murders, and is said to have strong connections to Mexican drug cartels.

Hileman’s office, of course, is federal and he is ultimately accountable to President Obama. His action doesn’t make one warm and fuzzy about the President’s ability or willingness to keep us safe from the bad guys.

The acts of terror aimed at law enforcement are akin to the plot of The Turner Diaries, a book that would give any decent-minded person nightmares.

BTW, one strongly suspects that the Aryan Brotherhood and like-minded
types are strongly cheering on the Democrats push to limit access to
possession of firearms for average citizens. It’s what Mexico does, after all.

Jay Hileman Aryan Brotherhood Withdrawl

Mighty Macs Deserve Applause

Mighty Macs Deserve Applause

Embattled Rutgers Basketball coach Mike Rice is embattled no more. He’s been fired for hitting, shoving and rebuking his players with homosexual slurs. Now certain members of the Rutgers faculty are delivering an ultimatum to university President Robert Barchi, insisting that he resign over his first response to Rice’s behavior.

Barchi leveled a stiff fine ($75,000) on Rice, suspended him, and made him attend anger-management counseling. Losing about 12 percent of his salary and attending behavior-modification classes may seem like a realistic punitive reaction to Rice’s conduct—and it apparently was five months ago when all this took place last fall—but then something was added to the equation.

The media got hold of a video tape showing Rice carrying on at a 2012 practice, and…well, you know what happens next. Call it media overkill, call it airing dirty laundry in public, call it letting the cat out of the bag, call it whistleblowing, call it, “Uh-oh; I thought I took care of all this!”

Whatever tag you put on this issue, one factor becomes increasingly clear: Many, if not most private decisions at this level eventually become public. You would think President Barchi had to realize that, especially since another nearby university president (Penn State’s Graham Spanier) found himself attired in similar dirty laundry just a few short (by news media standards) years ago.

During my last three years as a Philadelphia Police supervisor, one of my prime responsibilities was to train all of our command staff—more than 200 senior officers—in media relations. Every month we would put about a dozen commanders through an intensive two-day course concerning the “Do’s  & Don’t’s”  of dealing with print and electronic media.

And one of the platitudes that I would (try to) hammer home was, “Assume the media is eventually going to find out; so disclose sooner rather than later. Get it out, and get it over-with!” Or, as the IHM nuns taught us back in St. Dominic School, “Whatever you do in private, if you act as though you’re doing it in the presence of Jesus, you can’t go wrong.”

Or something like that.

It’s sort of like ripping a bandage from a wound—Do it quickly and get the discomfort out of the way.

Too many high-powered individuals in high-profile positions never seem to take that dictum seriously. They instead seem to adopt the, “It won’t happen to me” attitude: Richard Nixon…Graham Spanier…Hillary Clinton…Robert Barchi…

Who will be next? And you can be sure; there will be a next time.

Contemporary media is everywhere. With cell phones, iPads, and PCs, every boorish busybody is an instant worldwide reporter. Not as omnipresent as Jesus, of course, but close enough to give us pause when considering how we will be held accountable for our actions.

(Excerpted from Good Writers Block)


Mighty Macs Deserve Applause

Washington Post Idiot Journalism

Washington Post Idiot Journalism — The consequence  of bad voting/bad journalism/bad education is happening as a Drudge link to a Washington Post article shows: Cancer clincs are turning away Medicare patients.

The Post is citing sequestration cuts — as expected from a Washington establishment propaganda publication — without mentioning the hundreds of billions Obamacare has siphoned  from Medicare or considering the consequences of the $17 trillion debt that the sequestration attempts to address no matter how feebly. Quick quiz: what happens to the the purchasing power of a dollar when it loses half its value?

Further, the Post fails to consider the looming shortfall of primary care physicians as per another Drudge link to an AARP site that advocates replacing them with nurse practitioners. Hear that cancer patients? Nothing to worry about.

Commentators are raking the Post and the establishment over the coals for their hand-waving insensitivity and their attempt to use the crisis to gain more power.

And this leads us to the comment of the day from a doctor using the handle Joelhassfan4:


is disturbing on so many levels, no wonder there are already over 5000
comments and growing exponentially as I write. As a doctor, this is
exhibit A of why Abomination Care, ie PPACA has to be redone at the very
least. Polticians are not clinicians they have no clue how to triage,
and boy, will they be punitive at the drop of a hat!

Frankly, I
have said this at so many sites and no one seems to show any interest
in the perspective, but, I think we are ruled, not represented mind you,
by a growing percentage of antisocial scum. Look up in the Wikepedia
definition of Antisocial Personality Disorder, and apply it just to the
leaders of both parties, and you will see they meet at least 3-4 of the
qualifying descriptors.

Yeah, real leadership, go after people who are terminally ill. What a freadin’ precedent, from the President on down.

Incumbent = incompetent, just move around some letters!!!


Washington Post Idiot Journalism

Health Info Seekers Saturate Web

Those seeking health information online has reached the saturation point reports eMarketer.com, noting that 87 percent of US internet users used the web for health research last year.

The website attributes the surge to an aging population — baby boomers, who are more familiar with computer technology than the previous generation, are turning 65 at a rate of 8,000 per day — but also and more significantly to the increased cost of healthcare.

“Health insurance plans with high deductibles have led to a decline in patients visiting their physician and an increase in patients putting off medical treatments,” eMarketer notes.

The firm cites an NPR poll taken last year that showed that three out of four people who said they were sick said that the cost was a “very serious problem” and nearly half said they felt burdened by what they had to pay out of pocket for care.

Health Info Seekers Saturate Web

Health Info Seekers Saturate Web

Sarah Palin, Archbishop Remember Terri Schiavo

Sarah Palin, Archbishop Remember Terri Schiavo — A National Memorial Mass in Remembrance of Terri Schindler Schiavo will be led by Archbishop Chaput, 5 p.m., Friday, April 5, at Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia.

It will be followed at 6:30 p.m. by a gala in her honor featuring Sarah Palin at the Philadelphia Marriot, 1201 Market St.

The event is sponsored by the Life and Hope Network.

For information and tickets, visit www.terrisfight.org/terri-s-day-201
or call 855-300-4673.

Hat tip Independence Hall Tea Party Association.

Sarah Palin, Archbishop Remember Terri Schiavo

Phillies Tidbit For Day 2

Phillies great Grover Cleveland Alexander was played by Ronald Reagan in the 1952 film The Winning Team.

Alexander was deaf in his left ear due to his World War I service as an artillery man. He is the only National League pitcher to reach double figures for shutouts twice in a career sharing the record with 16 set with the Phillies in 1916.