Fear Not Nihilists, Yon Republicans

Fear Not Nihilists, Yon Republicans — For any Republican legislator who feels a need for a shot of spine concerning the protests at GOP town halls, it has been conclusively revealed that those causing the disruptions are not their constituents but organized — and often paid — outsiders.

“No, Donny, these men are nihilists, there’s nothing to be afraid of,” as Walter Sobchak would say.

Here’s the audio as obtained by 96.5 KPEL of Lafayette, La.

Fear Not Nihilists, Yon Republicans

Fear Not Nihilists, Yon Republicans -- For any Republican legislator who feels a need for a shot of spine concerning the protests at GOP town halls,

Liberal Women Weak And Meek

Liberal Women Weak And Meek –For those who have long believed that liberal “progressive” Democrat-voting women were not “strong and independent” but weak, stupid, and easily cowed hypocrites, well, it looks your instincts were right.

Liberal Women Weak And Meek
Premier Kathleen Wynne knows her place in Sharia it seems.

Kathleen Wynne is the premier of Ontario. She is a lesbian, ultra-liberal and an outspoken feminist. After a mass shooting at a Quebec City mosque on Jan. 29 that left six dead and 19 injured — how did that happen anyway, don’t they have gun control in Canada?? — she decided to show solidarity by visiting a mosque in Toronto.

So what happened? They made the province’s leading politician put on a head covering and sit on a rickety folding chair way back in a corner well behind the men. If a woman is in front of a man as he is praying, his prayer is invalidated, after all.

And of course, unlike a pro-life conservative woman, she meekly accepted.Liberal Women Weak And Meek

Oh, and the subject of the sermon was the evils of homosexuality.

She has yet to lead a demonstration against it.




Liberal Women Weak And Meek

Sue Soros, Charge Minions

Sue Soros, Charge Minions
If this man was not a billionaire, he would not be a problem.

Sue Soros, Charge Minions — A report is being circulated that anti-Trump protestors caused a man’s death by preventing his ambulance from reaching the hospital.

If this is true, then those who traffic blockage caused this to happen should be charged with manslaughter. Further, those funding these “protests” — and these riots are not grassroot — should be sued for every penny they have.

That means you George Soros. How can you not understand that blocking traffic is dangerous, cruel and irresponsible? You are hate-filled man and a blight on humanity.

Sue Soros, Charge Minions

Rich Riots After Trump Win

Rich Riots After Trump Win — The riots that have occurred after Donald Trump’s election are neither spontaneous nor grassroots. They started at the same time in major urban areas and are, obviously, orchestrated.

Rich Riots After Trump Win
Orange is his color.

Property has been damaged, people have been hurt and lives disrupted.

It is those one-percenters paying the orchestrators who have to be held most accountable.  Hopefully, Trump’s justice department is of this mind.

That’s right, George Soros, orange will be the new black.

Rich Riots After Trump Win

Dilbert Shadow Banned Due To Trump Support

Dilbert Shadow Banned Due To Trump Support — Scott Adams, who pens the comic strip Dilbert, is not what one considers a typical right winger. However, he has come out for Donald Trump as many of us have because his opponent is a thief and liar, and because The Donald is not intimidated by political correctness and addresses obvious and consequential realities.

Dilbert Shadow Banned Due To Trump SupportThis exercise of Adam’s political rights has led to repercussions. He his been subject to pointless personal attacks by the self-proclaimed “tolerant and enlightened” but that goes with the territory of expressing an opinion.

More disgraceful and troubling is his “shadow banning” by Twitter. Shadow banning is banning a user from a web forum in such a way that he is unaware of the ban. It is a particularly sneaky and despicable form of censorship.

Adams learned of his banning when his many followers informed him they were not seeing his tweets. The ban has apparently been lifted after protests. That someone in authority at the failing company thought he could get away with it, however, shows why the company is failing.

Censoring political speech is never justice — social or otherwise.

Dilbert Shadow Banned Due To Trump Support


Lushsux Hillary Mural Fixed

Lushsux Hillary Mural Fixed — Melbourne, Australia has apparently a loose policy on “edgy” street art so nobody complained when street artist Lushsux painted a naked mural of Donald Trump on a wall.

Nor did anyone complain when he painted a naked mural of his wife, Melania. The “I’m with her” tag on it was a nice touch, for what it’s worth.

Anyway, he painted a mural of Hillary in a skimpy swimsuit with dollar bills stuffed in it.

And we learned that Melbourne has a limit to its acceptance of “edginess”.

The city leaders deemed the mural contravened its gender equity policy and threatened action unless it was removed.

It appears the lesson, though, is don’t mess with Lushsux. His response was beautiful. See below and note the tag.

Lushsux Hillary Mural Fixed

Lushsux Hillary Mural Fixed

Google Filter Bubble

Google Filter BubbleGoogle Filter Bubble — Google creates a profile built on one’s browsing history — including places like Facebook and Youtube — to direct one’s searches using its product.

This is why people searching for the same word often end up with different first pages when using Google.

Google makes assumptions on what one might be looking for hence one might never find what one wants.

DuckDuckGo, its Paoli-based competitor that does not use tracking, explains it here.

By the way, did you see where Facebook is making news stories disappear that don’t match their political preference?

Google Filter Bubble



Yelp Billion Dollar Bully

Yelp Billion Dollar BullyA crowdfunded documentary depicting the consumer review site Yelp as a “billion dollar bully” is causing angst among the hipsters.

Yelp is a San Francisco-based firm founded in 2004 that allows customers to post online reviews of restaurants and businesses.

It’s hip, supports Obama, and is used and trusted by millennials. The problem is that it makes its obscene profits selling ads. The documentary claims that it withholds good reviews from businesses that don’t advertise while giving the bad reviews high exposure.

In other news regarding hypocrisy, the hipster news site BuzzFeed is being accused of running favorable stories regarding the Marriott hotel chain, which is a big advertiser.

Patrick Howley of Brietbart.com notes that BuzzFeed has been unremittingly hard on Donald Trump whose hotels compete with Marriott. We kind of think that might be stretching the point. How is BuzzFeed any different than Fox News in that regard?

Still Howley points out that BuzzFeed also pulled a piece criticizing the Monopoly board game, which is produced by BuzzFeed advertiser Hasbro, and also pulled an article that criticized ads for Dove soap, the subsidiary of a site advertiser.

The anti-corporate types sure seem to like corporate money.

Anyway, here is the trailer to Billion Dollar Bully:

Yelp Billion Dollar Bully



James Foley Death Sparked Little Outrage

James Foley Death Sparked Little Outrage
James Foley, don’t let him be forgotten

The death of Cecil, a wild animal that survived by eating other wild animals, sparked hipster outrage around the world.

Piers Morgan, a talking head that once actually had a news show on CNN, advocated skinning alive the hunter who shot the Zimbabwe lion.

So, who remembers James Foley? Foley was a journalist who went to dangerous places to cover important stories. His beheading by ISIS was uploaded to YouTube on Aug. 19 last year specifically so his family could see it. There was no Twitter outrage by the hipster celebrities or the “social justice” college crowd.

Why? Unlike Minnesota dentists, ISIS fights back. Hipsters and “social justice” warriors, while they certainly enjoy the emotional jolts self-righteous outrage provides them, are not known for their courage.

Oh, and did you see where the impoverished nation of Zimbabwe is going to put up a statue of Cecil?

The New York Daily News says, referring to the animal’s cubs, soon they will have a permanent place to remember their father.

Hipsters and “social justice” warriors are not known for their brains either.

But here’s a tidbit for them: Cecil was named for the  British Imperialist Cecil Rhodes.

James Foley Death Sparked Little Outrage

Pope Francis Wisdom Shines

Conservatives like to pile on Pope Francis — sometimes even we do too — but when he’s right, he’s right and he is right about turning “capitalism” into some kind of idol. Pope Francis Wisdom Shines

Here are 37 American businesses that wildly celebrated Friday’s (June 26) nonsensical  5-4 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court forbidding states to restrict a marriage to one man and one woman.

Leave aside that the ruling isn’t going to help anyone’s bottom line. Leave aside that it further endangers our already endangered Social Security program. Leave aside it complicates corporate human resources divisions and increases the cost of benefits programs.

It was hip and gives the rich, spoiled, never-bloodied ones who run corporate America to  shout “Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.”

The recognition that homosexuality is a sin is a rather small part of the Bible and, despite what some Democrats claim, God does not hate gays. Rejecting that one part, though, gives license to reject the whole thing.

Taking care of the poor and loving your neighbor for examples.

Victor David Hanson, a week ago, published a heartbreaking column on PJMedia.com describing how the water crisis and environmental fanaticism are causing people to literally abandon their homes in the working class interior of California while the  gated-community hipsters in Silicon Valley and Hollywood enjoy rich lawns and expansive carbon footprints.

The people who run America’s institutions whether business, academic or political truly don’t care about gays as individuals unless that particular gay can be of some benefit to them, and they don’t care about non-gays either.

So kudos Pope Francis for having the insight to spell it out.

And what is the Pope’s position on gay marriage? It’s pretty clear.

The family is also threatened by growing efforts on the part of some to redefine the very institution of marriage,” he says about it. “As you know, these realities are increasingly under attack from powerful forces which threaten to disfigure God’s plan for creation and betray the very values which have inspired and shaped all that is best in your culture.”

Pope Francis Wisdom Shines