Pride Flag Raising Criticism Outrages Delco Councilwoman

Pride Flag Raising Criticism Outrages Delco Councilwoman –Criticism of the raising of the “pride flag” on a pole at the Delaware County (Pa.) Courthouse brought an intense reaction from Councilwoman Christine Reuther almost to the point of a rant at tonight’s (June 7) County Council meeting

Or maybe it was the continued concerns expressed about the integrity of elections in the county that set her off.

Joy Schwartz, who is a Republican candidate for County Council in November, said the only flags that should be displayed at the courthouse are those that unify and are without controversy. She cited the state flag and Old Glory as examples.

But she said that since the Council seems to want to fly a flag for everyone she offered them a Revolutionary War “Appeal To Heaven” flag.

Mrs. Schwartz said the pride flag symbolizes wokeness.

Wokeness is an intense, unmeasurable faith that holds America is inherently unjust hence injustice is warranted against those who feel otherwise.

Mrs. Schwartz said wokeness is a religion.

Scott Thomas of Marple asked the council to dedicate the entire month of June to the Sacred Heart of Jesus as is traditionally done.

Thomas, who is the judge of elections for his precinct, praised the county and election workers for the training it provided and said their diligence helped in-person voting run smoothly during the May 16 primary.

He echoed the concern of others, however, regarding mail-in ballots. He said observers saw only about 8,000 mail in ballots being counted at the centralized county center while 25,000 were actually tabulated.

Joann Stump of Newtown Square noted that 70 percent of Americans now have doubts about the integrity of our elections. She called out the county on several issues. She said mail-in ballots are printed out of state and shipped to Philadelphia rather than directly to the voter requesting one. She pointed out that Delaware County has half the ballot drop-boxes in the state — yes, more than Philadelphia and Allegheny counties combined — and they are inadequately watched. She noted that the county is strangely fighting several right to know requests regarding election documents. She said that the electronic poll pads that the county is preparing to replace its well-tested and effective ink-and-paper voter lists are internet connectable.

When it came time for council to speak, Ms. Reuther seemed to imply she would ban dissenters from meetings if it wasn’t for state law. She said she wished woke culture was a religion. She said that if it was it would have just as much protection as the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Quick question, does this mean the Sacred Heart of Jesus gets the month, now?

Anyway, Ms. Reuther lashed out at the election integrity people accusing them of causing the doubts.

How Christine? By filing right-to-know requests that the county fights?

Ms. Reuther insisted that the looming poll pads will not be internet accessible. Maybe she’s right about the poll pads. We hope so.

Councilwomen Monica Taylor and Elaine Paul Schaefer, and Councilman Kevin Madden also defended the pride flag raising.

Also speaking in public comments were Michael Straw of Media who said he was happy to see the pride flag was raised; and an Upland woman who said she never received a $2,500 bonus she was due upon her retirement after 35 years with the county Children and Youth Services.

The woman said the county told her she wasn’t entitled to it  because of the timing of the signing of the contract.

She said that was wrong.

She said she may never get money but she wanted council to know she was disgusted 

Madden, to his credit, offered to talk to her afterwards. She said outside that he did and that they will meet next week.

Pride Flag Raising Criticism Outrages Delco Councilwoman
Beats the pride flag

Pride Flag Raising Criticism Outrages Delco Councilwoman –Criticism of the raising of the “pride flag” on a flagpole at the

3 thoughts on “Pride Flag Raising Criticism Outrages Delco Councilwoman”

    1. I am getting very weary of being bombarded with ads touting PRIDE month for all types of companies…CONSTANTLY. I don’t care if someone is gay or whatever…that’s their business and I don’t demean or praise them for it. When I get emails from commercial establishments celebrating PRIDE month (such as JOANN’s fabrics and Magiannos) I respond and tell them to stop and that if they continue it will deter me from buying their products or going to their restaurants.

      PRIDE should be an accomplishment but is not…indeed, Megyn Kelly, in a podcast, quoted someone from the gay community as saying correctly: “Being gay is an attribute, not an accomplishment.” This is so true! Anyway, if you watch the first half of the YouTube video in the link below you will hear Megyn summarize very accurately what is happening today. I agree with her 100% and many of you might be surprised at her opinions and what she has to say. Her podcasts are excellent. This is an outstanding supplement to the excellent Matt Walsh video that was on twitter which thanks to this blog, I received and emailed to hundreds of people on a distribution list.

      Megyn Kelly’s Podcast Link: Please watch.

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