Governor Ordered Signatures Covered On Ballot Envelopes?

Governor Ordered Signatures Covered On Ballot Envelopes? — The counting of ballot envelopes by Republican candidates along with citizen activists was postponed after Delaware County officials ordered envelope signatures to be covered with tape before they were counted.

The counting was scheduled to take place, yesterday morning, June 2 at the county’s Wharf election facility.

The covering was allegedly ordered by the Pennsylvania Secretary of State. There is suspicion that it was done at the behest of Gov. Josh Shapiro.

This is getting curiouser and curiouser. Seriously, what is the fuss? The envelopes are public record by law and the signatures are part of that record. There is no expectation of privacy. One can’t tell one’s vote from the envelope and that is by design. And that one has voted or is registered to vote is obviously public record. How do you think you get those mailings every October?

And, of course, seeing a legitimate signature — much less any signature — is the only way to determine that an envelope carried a legitimate vote.

Don’t blame the rampant skepticism about the integrity of our elections on Donald Trump or internet conspiracy theories. Blame it entirely on our election officials, especially those in Pennsylvania.

Governor Ordered Signatures Covered On Ballot Envelopes?
Ready to count envelopes at Delaware County’s Wharf, June 2, are clockwise from left Greg Stenstrom, Erik Kocher, Scott Thomas, Joy Schwartz and Maria Fine. Joy is a Republican candidate for County Council

Governor Ordered Signatures Covered On Ballot Envelopes?

One thought on “Governor Ordered Signatures Covered On Ballot Envelopes?”

  1. Delco Election Director James Allen stated at around 10:15 am on Friday, 2, that the PA Secretary of State ordered the redaction of the signatures on the approximately 25,000 mail-in ballot envelopes, which are considered public records. The county workers are seen on livestream video immediately staging their workers covering up the signatures with painter’s tape. Did they just happen to have a large stash of that stuff on hand just for this moment? That was a pretty cute stunt Mr. Allen and Mr. Parks. But this time you guys have really stepped it some deep doo doo! There is no guarantee that the tape will not damage the signatures and envelopes, causing illegal spoliation of the paper. Furthermore, the requesters have a right to examine the ENTIRE envelope. Not just the parts that the county wants the public to see. Connect the dots and draw your own conclusions!

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