BBC Proms Worth Clicking

BBC Proms Worth Clicking

By Bob Small

Normally, my articles tend toward the Political, in one or another ways. However we will be discussing a yearly musical phenomenon (first heard in 1895) and how you can now hear it for free.

BBC Proms Worth Clicking

The BBC Proms aka Henry Wood Promenade Concert presented by the BBC began in 1895 as both Classical and Popular Music Concerts designed, via low ticket prices and an informal atmosphere, to bring music to the masses.

Over the years, the eight-week festival morphed into jazz, world music and many etceteras. Because Britain is no longer an empire but now a Commonwealth, they use this, as BBC itself, as what they themselves call “soft power,” as opposed to the massive military force they once had.

To find the BBC Proms on your search engine of choice (I use Duck Duck Go, so as not to be searched myself.) to get to BBC Radio 3. Click on BBC Sounds or any other link but I Player. (I Player requires you to live in England,) Then you can choose your Concerts. As of this writing , most are still available for a month, the earliest ones expiring first. I listen sequentially, but that’s also how I read a book or watch a movie, whereas others choose by Composer or Conductor, whether Classical or Jazz. I now use my Smartphone, which seems to work easier for me on BBC Radio 3 BBC Proms.

The Last Night of the Proms has traditionally featured the Anthem “Rule Brittania”and other highly Patriotic songs. Lately, though, what might be termed the ‘Woke’ crowd has been protesting that, seeing this as inconsistent with the aims of the British Commonwealth, especially as Britannia no longer ‘rules the waves’ or anything else. (Possibly not even Scotland if they get another referendum.) Rather, the Proms, like BBC itself, is a form of soft power, witness the many people, self included, who listen to at least one BBC program daily.

Jeffrey Peterson Linux Crusade

Jeffrey Peterson Linux Crusade — Little things can make a big difference. We’ve been advocating making DuckDuckGo one’s default search engine in lieu of Google; and Brave one’s default browser replacing Chrome or Safari. These things aren’t hard to do and if you won’t do them shame on you.

Tech pioneer Jeffrey Peterson, though, is taking it to a new level. On his Telegram channels, he’s evangelizing for the wholesale migration to the Linux operating system.

It’s about time.

Jeffrey Peterson Linux Crusade
Jeffrey Peterson

Linux is the open source alternative to Mac OS and Windows. Open source is source code free to modify or distribute. Note the word free. Yes, it means free, and this includes most of the software which is just usually as effective as what is offered by the Big Tech companies but without the costly licenses.

More significantly Linux is far more secure and private than what the plutocrats offer.

Another big plus is that old computer sitting in a closet and thought to be obsolete can be likely returned to life to such an effect one finds one using it more than the new machine.

The obsolescence is often planned, after all.

Anyway, Jeffrey’s Linux group is JP’s Technology Chat and can be found here. Obviously you need a Telegram account which we certainly recommend.

Another good Linux resource is Linux Users of Gab which can be found here. Obviously, you have to have signed up for Gab, which we also recommend.

And as long as we are considering a new dawn of technological freedom, quit Facebook, or as some refer to it Nouveau Lifelog.

Jeffrey Peterson Linux Crusade

Pedal to the Metal For Afghan Resettlement

Pedal to the Metal For Afghan Resettlement

By Joe Guzzardi

The State Department has designated 19 U.S. cities as acceptable for refugee resettlement which made the Biden administration’s resettlement policy clear: pedal to the metal; damn the torpedoes, full-speed ahead. Afghan resettlement deserves maximum caution; the administration took the opposite road. The official argument for speedy resettlement is that our allies – those who purportedly worked side-by-side with the American military – are in grave danger, and must be airlifted out of Kabul immediately. No doubt, there’s some truth in that assessment. But Americans want guarantees that only friends receive invitations.

Pedal to the Metal For Afghan Resettlement

Since Americans are, by and large, trusting people who want to help at-risk strangers, most would be accepting of new refugees if confident that they had been properly vetted, and the good guys were weeded out from the bad guys. The White House assures a wary public that incoming refugees are being processed by “intelligence professionals or law enforcement officials.” The Biden administration insists the vetting is “rigorous,” and dedicated officials are working “around the clock” to safely process Afghan refugees.

Safely vetting 83,000 refugees in a matter of hours is impossible. Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, a Republican, visited his home state’s Fort McCoy where Maj. Gen. Darrell Guthrie told him that many incoming refugees had no identification and weren’t Special Immigrant Visa holders. The administration classifies unidentified Afghans as part of a vulnerable population, are therefore granted humanitarian parole – once a rarely used DHS option, but now commonplace – and are admitted, no questions asked. Afghan advocates are lobbying for a 50,000-person humanitarian parole.

Biden’s resettlement strategy is slipshod, begs for abuse and could lead to tragic homeland consequences. Comprehensive refugee vetting is a six-step process that, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees’ website, should take between 18 and 24 months. First, the prospective refugee must register with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees who refers the individual to a U.S. Embassy. Then, the State Department steps in, and begins several security checks carried out through myriad federal security agencies.

The State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration will partner with other agencies to create an Overseas Processing Entity, a document ultimately given to a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officer. Eventually, the officer interviews the refugee face-to-face to determine if he can be resettled. Finally, the case returns to the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration for the final approval, subject to medical screening. The bottom line on faux vetting: the Taliban controls the U.S. Embassy. Documents that might help validate refugee petitions are inaccessible or have been destroyed. Anything other fable that the establishment elites’ offer up is smoke and mirrors.

Blood has been shed of Americans and innocent Afghans; trillions of dollars have been squandered, and countless establishment lies over two decades have been told and shamelessly retold. After American deaths, mountainous waste and brazen deceit, Biden adds insult to injury when he boasts about airlifting Afghans out of Kabul while citizens are left behind. Then, Biden, having done irreparable damage, forces his poorly managed resettlement plan on a skeptical public still coping with COVID-19’s fallout.

Although Americans never voted on the potentially nation-altering resettlement, taxpayers will fund the hundreds of millions of dollars the process requires over a multi-year period. No administration official has sought the opinions of the residents who live in the 19 cities. The administration is brazenly indifferent to deep doubts about the hasty decision to aimlessly resettle Afghan nationals. The refugees are, like it or not, on the way. Resettlement Biden-style is potentially a deadly Russian Roulette game of chance where Americans could be the victims.

Joe Guzzardi is a Progressives for Immigration Reform analyst who has written about immigration for more than 30 years. Contact him at

Pedal to the Metal For Afghan Resettlement

Neither wealth nor splendor William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 9-8-21

Neither wealth nor splendor William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 9-8-21


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Neither wealth nor splendor William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 9-8-21Answer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness.
Thomas Jefferson

Neither wealth nor splendor William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 9-8-21
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