Vivek Schools TMZ Climate Cultists

Vivek Schools TMZ Climate Cultists —Vivek Ramaswamy x-posted, Aug. 31, an interview with Harvey Levin and another TMZ host in which he schooled them regarding the non-existent climate crisis.

Ramaswamy pointed out that climate-related deaths have dropped by 98 percent over the last century and that reason for this is abundant energy, the vast majority of which is created by fossil fuels.

What makes the interview terrifying is the zombie-like, unassailable certainty Levin and the other fellow had regarding the belief that man-made energy use is going to kill us all, despite the data, evidence and logic presented by the Republican presidential contender.

He explained that the Maui fire catastrophe was not caused by global warming but happened because a woke government official refused to release desparetly needed water.

He said forest fires are now more severe because the woke running things have abandoned management practices that worked well for decades.

How much CO2 is released by a massive forest fire anyway?

Ramaswamy said those pushing climate crisis agenda are not sincere and their prime goal is to weaken the United States especially to the benefit of China which laughs at the issue.

He asked why the climate crisis crowd is the biggest opponent of nuclear energy, which a stable, effective and produces zero greenhouse gases.

Nobody likes pollution. Everybody likes heat, air-conditioning, refrigerators, transportation and food.

The three running for president who seem to get this and are trying to make the equation balance are Ramaswamy, Bobby Kennedy Jr. and Donald Trump.

If Americans don’t start waking up to this and voting appropriately and scorning the cultists, they are going to find themselves in impoverished misery and only dimly aware as to how they got there.

Here is the interview:

Vivek Schools TMZ Climate Cultists

2 thoughts on “Vivek Schools TMZ Climate Cultists”

  1. The Climate Change fools give a whole new meaning to “dope.” The drug (“Climatanyl”) they are taking is no less intoxicating but even more deadly than fentanyl, since it will end up killing all of us even if we never take it. Climatanyl makes the user worse than ignorant and way past plain stupid, as the effects cannot be overcome with reason or actual scientific proof and even Narcan has no effect. However, while under the influence of Climatanyl, the dopes using it are completely susceptible to all climate lies and incorrect information used to promote those lies. They fall for and participate in emotional outbursts when confronted with the truth and are willing to take their own children down with them to “save the planet.” Yes, Climatanyl brings on an uncurbable form of mass insanity and, somehow, those of us who are not under the influence can’t seem to stop its abusers from getting elected to high office.

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