$778 Million Climate Bill Looming For Delco?

$778 Million Climate Bill Looming For Delco — Center for Climate Integrity says Delaware County, Pa. municipalities will have to spend $778 million by 2040 to address climate change.

The threat was made at the center’s July 25 virtual press conference and reported in the Aug. 4 The Delaware County Weekly which is the county government’s news letter.

It was attended by Delaware County Council Chairwoman Monica Taylor, Clean Air Council Executive Director Joe Minott, Resilient Analytics Director Paul Chinowsky and Sharpsburg Mayor Brittany Rendo.

Ms. Taylor has completely signed onto the scam.

“The study’s findings on the economic impact of climate change on our communities in Pennsylvania are a wakeup call,” she said. “Climate change will affect all Pennsylvania communities, and some residents more than others. We cannot afford to ignore the consequences of inaction.”

If the climate crisis was real, Barack Obama would not be living in a seaside mansion in Martha’s Vineyard and have other mansions in Washington D.C. and Hawaii. Al Gore, the Clintons and the Kerrys would not have carbon footprints 100 or 200 or 300 times average.

We would not be tolerating the coal-coated skies of China which produces twice the greenhouse gases as the United States.

The wokest states would not be ripping down hydro-electric dams.

Bruce Springsteen, however, would be performing concerts to protest the lack of nuclear power plants.

In the four years under Democrat control, Delco’s budget went from 40 pages to 421 pages, and county residents can expect a 35-percent permanent property tax hike if the Ds keep council this November.

Monica Taylor is among those up for election.

$778 Million Climate Bill Looming For Delco?

$778 Million Climate Bill Looming For Delco?

7 thoughts on “$778 Million Climate Bill Looming For Delco?”

  1. So where does this 3/4 billion dollars come from exactly? I wonder how much CO2 burning all that money for no good reason will release… Oh, that’s not CO2, its BS2, and I can already smell the stench. Wake up folks, the government is not the country…WE are and we control them, not the other way around unless, of course, we let them.

  2. There is no such thing as rising sea levels. Fill an aquarium half with water then the rest with ice cubes. When the ice melts there is no change in the volume in the aquarium. This is demonstrable and repeatable. This is actual science.

    What these clowns peddle is fear, plain and simple. Their nonsence must be rejected. Period.

    1. I have made this very argument to my confused friends including both Rs and Ds. Somehow it’s nearly impossible to overcome the cognitive dissonance the American education “system” combined with the “reporting” of the mainstream media has caused. We are living in the age of mass formation psychosis and it is few and far between that I can find someone who isn’t affected by it.

      1. I’ve had luck pointing out the hypocrisy.

        At least it shuts them up.

        If global warming was happening, you’d think they want to have access to AC.

        1. Stupid is as stupid does. When you point out the chemtrails to these very same climate change enthusiasts, they look at you like you’re crazy. Now that is really an attempt to change the climate, not to mention raining down numerous toxic chemicals on all of us, but those perfect checkerboard “cloud” patterns in the sky are as normal to them as men in dresses calling themselves woman or wearing tuck-it bathing suits and swimming on the girls swim team at Penn have become…

  3. As a student attending MCCC, I was prez of the Environmental Club. In that position, I did a lot of research. I learned so much about “global warming.” The most important thing I learned was that it was all a scare tactic.

    Now it is called “climate change.” While the name changed, the fact that it is a scare tactic remains the same.

    The oceans are not rising; the Ozone layer is not, and never was, disappearing, et cetera, et cetera. Human beings are not responsible for any changes, and cannot, in any way, affect the miniscule changes that happen naturally.

    What hubris! All humans are doing is destroying the earth in a purposeful, systematic way.

  4. So, will all the townships and boroughs get electric trash trucks? How about lining the streets with windmills. I have an idea, STOP SPENDING MONEY we don’t have. As a widow on a fixed income, I’m struggling to keep a roof over my head, much as many of us are.
    I am so sick of the Democratic control over this County and that of the federal government. All they do is tax and spend. Hope come the next election, people wake the hell up and vote Republican, except for the Rinos who vote with the Dems.

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