1776 Restoration Movement Not Getting Much Publicity

Bob Small sent us the below vid from July 6 regarding the The 1776 Restoration Movement truckers convoy which had set up camp on the National Mall.

Haven’t seen a lot of press about it. The Beltway denizens seem upset with it though

The movement’s leader David “Santa” Riddell has been arrested. Oh, if only he had just attacked some elderly Republicans or something, he’ still be a free man.

1776 Restoration Movement Not Getting Much Publicity
David “Santa” Riddell being cuffed
1776 Restoration Movement Not Getting Much Publicity

2 thoughts on “1776 Restoration Movement Not Getting Much Publicity”

  1. Yet another wronged “political” prisoner. These insurrectionists who have taken over and stolen countries then corrupt and destroy, for these ultra rich globalists, WEF, WHO, the UN and all is cancerous groups.
    Taking away freedom of thought and speech soon to be law in Canada if the Senate which belong to the Lieberals/NDP Party all WEF members let it pass, wasn’t decided by our Commons. Did you notice on Canada Day our Parliament buildings were all fenced off like the USA’s and yes they arrested our Hero Freedom Truckers leaders, stole all their money and even some trucks and their equipment went missing. Just like the Hero Freedom Farmers in the Nederlands right now too.
    You are a Hero for Freedom yourself and possibly soon to be a political prisoner, like in Canada if a no freedom of speech law passes? Just like the rest of their HATE us lunacy goes on we must, must stop it.

  2. A friend acquainted with participants in the 1776 Restoration Movement forwarded this article to them and got this update:

    Yes, that would be fine XXX

    If I remember correctly, by the way, the three charges against both Santa and Big D (firetruck owner/driver) are disorderly conduct, stopping on a highway, and disturbing the peace. Big D’s situation includes something about being a fugitive; I don’t know if Santa’s includes that.

    On 7/10/22 7:44 AM, XXXX wrote:
    May I forward your remarks without your name to Bill Lawrence who wrote the article below? I can just send them as from someone we’ll acquainted with this endeavor…

    Sent from my Android phone with GMX Mail. Please excuse my brevity.
    On 7/9/22, 11:15 PM … wrote:
    Yes, XXXX. They don’t identify as a convoy, by the way.

    In the wee hours of July 4 they left Bunkers Hill, WV, in 4 groups of 12-16 vehicles each and on each of 4 the major highways around DC (95-N, 95-S, 495, and 70[?]) stopped three lanes of traffic for 30 minutes. On each highway one lane of traffic was left open for travel. Police interaction with David Riddell (“Santa”) was livestreamed and recorded: after the first 10-15 min. or so of the stoppage, state police arrived and questioned him about what was going on, ran his license, and was cordial about the countdown for the remaining 20 min. or so. It was all good. I think it was at that location that police even set up cones at the back of the stopped vehicles and directed traffic to the open lane. At the end of the 30 minutes, the vehicles, including the police, drove away. All was good, in fact, until 2 days later, when the group was in downtown DC. They had been there for several hours, walking around, sitting in lawn chairs, etc. then what looked like 60 police (Metro and Park) showed up; DC Metro Police arrested him on a warrant issued that morning by a judge in MD for stopping traffic on July 4; he spent a night in jail and was released the next day, having waived extradition, as I understand it. I’m not sure how these things work, but I think he has a court date in MD in August, but I know that Tuesday, with an attorney, he’s going to “turn himself in” in MD.

    Another lead vehicle driver who on July 4 had been on one of the other three highways around DC was arrested yesterday (I think) on the same traffic violation charges, including some fugitive-type charge; although, he, too, was not cited, fined, or otherwise notified of any consequences to having stopped on the highway. I believe he has agreed to extradition but won’t see a judge before next week, so he’s still in jail.

    That’s as I understand it, but my understanding might not be correct.

    On 7/9/22 9:18 PM, XXXX wrote:
    Dear ___, are these the folks you know?

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