Insurrection Cannonball In Sri Lanka

Insurrection Cannonball In Sri Lanka— The suffering people of Sri Lanka stormed the presidential palace, this morning, July 9, and had a party while the former occupant ran like a rabbit to a waiting naval vessel.

The nation was in the midst of a food shortage, had a day left of fuel and was out if money. The rabbit, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, had just declared bankruptcy.

Misery doesn’t mean one can’f find fun, though. Here is a Sri Lankan doing an insurrection cannonball into the presidential pool from the presidential balcony.

Insurrection Cannonball In Sri Lanka
Does Gotabaya Rajapaksa look like he gives a crap?

Harvard Girl Shames Those Cowed By Wokesters

Harvard Girl Shames Those Cowed By Wokesters — Joanne Yurchak sent us the below Tik Tok video of a young Harvard undergrad describing a trip to Israel in which her fellow students showed shame for being Americans.

She explains why. Here are some excerpts from her video.

We have a cultural diet that reduces America to its ugliest moments and dismisses its noble ideals and accomplishments as jingosim

This nation has grown to treat racial, ethnic and religious minorities with equality and respect compared to other places and times on earth. This is the nation where people are not constrained by their gender, religion or class.

In this nation we can criticize our government secure in the knowledge that we will rise the next morning and our country will still respect our rights.

“We view these things to be our birthright, our permanent and guaranteed condition but they are not. They exist only because past generations have sacrificed to secure and maintain them and to our discredit we have used these blessings not to strengthen our country but to tear it down. We members of this university and we Americans have shirked our responsibility as the most privileged cohort on earth. We have remained cringingly silent in the face of corrosive ideas, woke culture that has corrupted our institutions and severed the bonds that hold our country together. The New York Times won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting that the sole purpose of the American Revolution was to preserve slavery and we remain silent. The Oregon Department of Education asserts that showing your work and finding the right answer in math is white supremacist, and we remain silent. The American Medical Association has stated that the U.S. should remove gender from birth certificates, and we remain silent. Howard Zinn, the author of the most widely read history text in American public schools said that America has done more bad than good and we remain silent.

We are ashamed to be American. The shame should be on us. Too many use their right to free speech to advocate suspending it for all who disagree with them. What a litany of dishonesty. We are using our privilege to undermine the very system that has given us that privilege. America, despite its failings, is the last great stand on Earth.

This undergrad gives us hope. Once the disease is recognized it can be cured and it looks like Gen Z recognizes it.

Hope for the future

Harvard Girl Shames Those Cowed By Wokesters
Harvard Girl Shames Those Cowed By Wokesters

Jarett Coleman Flew To Upset Win Over Pat Browne In 16th District

Jarett Coleman Flew To Upset Win Over Pat Browne In 16th District

By Bob Small

Jarett Coleman, a professional pilot, was flying high in his upset GOP primary victory over long-term Lehigh County State Senator Pat Browne of the 16th District. The most recent count, as of June 3, was 17,041 to 17,022.

The 16th Senatorial District consists of Allentown and along with Alburtis, Coopersburg, Heidelberg Township, Lower Macungie Township, Lower Milford Township, Lowhill Township, Lynn Township, Macungie, North Whitehall Township, Slatington, South Whitehall Township, Upper Macungie Township, Upper Milford Township, Upper Saucon Township, Washington Township, Weisenberg Township,

Pat Browne served almost three decades in the Pennsylvania House and Senate. At the time of this election, he was the Pennsylvania Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman, a post he had held since 2014. Having spent a decade in the State House representing the 131st District, he was elected to the State Senate in 2005.

Jarett Coleman Flew To Upset Win Over Pat Browne In 16th District
Jarrett Coleman

Among Browne’s accomplishments was his role as the founding Chairman of the Arts and Culture Caucus and the author of laws encouraging businesses to hire citizens with disabilities. 

Jarrett Coleman serves on the Parkland School Board where he works against CRT (Critical Race Theory) and mask mandates, and for greater transparency by the schools to parents in terms of the school curriculum.

During the campaign, Coleman pledged that he would decline pension and perks, support term limits, and oppose tax hikes. It will be interesting to follow his progress regarding these pledges.

He lives in Breinigsville with his wife, two children and three dogs.

After nearly three decades serving as a Lehigh Valley lawmaker, State Senator Pat Browne has a short answer when asked, “What’s next?” 

“I have no idea,” he said in an interview with WLVR.

Jarett Coleman Flew To Upset Win Over Pat Browne In 16th District

Out of possession William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 7-9-22

Out of possession William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 7-9-22

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Out of possession William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 7-9-22Answer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: Who ever is out of patience is out of possession of their soul.
Francis Bacon 

Out of possession William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 7-9-22