Insurrection Cannonball In Sri Lanka

Insurrection Cannonball In Sri Lanka— The suffering people of Sri Lanka stormed the presidential palace, this morning, July 9, and had a party while the former occupant ran like a rabbit to a waiting naval vessel.

The nation was in the midst of a food shortage, had a day left of fuel and was out if money. The rabbit, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, had just declared bankruptcy.

Misery doesn’t mean one can’f find fun, though. Here is a Sri Lankan doing an insurrection cannonball into the presidential pool from the presidential balcony.

Insurrection Cannonball In Sri Lanka
Does Gotabaya Rajapaksa look like he gives a crap?

2 thoughts on “Insurrection Cannonball In Sri Lanka”

  1. Nope he is living his own happy life enjoying watching his people suffer, it is all the peoples problem. Even Russia and India sent them food and fuel last time they ran out they made deals with China and owe them large, India and Russia both told them to get a real leader a while back. They do not need their tyrant pretend placed selfish “leader’, just like us. Trudeau, Nederlands, Johnson, etc. and Biden all need to be ashamed, at least Johnson stepped down. I guess he felt very accomplished wrecking England. All their parties with their drunk and drugged propaganda kin leaders happy for destroying their countries, Johnson must have stolen enough from his countries people, enough to be satisfied with his selfish greedy life style at the least, the rest of these placed globalist “leaders” are still happily partying living in their sick utopia, greedy and happily want to wreck and steal more still. All their fake destructive agendas and lying cannot coverup their deranged sicknesses and a happy very disturbed greed thinking, a pod of killer whales eating us alive enjoying every bite they steal with their sick Davos the UN and cancerous side groups and their getting richer, ultra rich friends.

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