FBI Demanded Trump Cameras Be Off During Raid; Lawyer Removed

FBI Demanded Trump Cameras Be Off During Raid; Lawyer Removed — Eric Trump is saying that the 30 agents who raided Mar-a-Largo, Monday, Aug. 8, demanded the Trump lawyer leave the property and the estate’s surveillance system be disabled.

Also when, when the lawyer demanded to see the search warrant it was shown to her from 10 feet away.

The feet-away thing seems to have become a habit with a certain type.

Eric Trump says the staff refused both request.

That leaves the question, though, as to why a law-enforcement search squad would not want their search on camera. Wouldn’t the video help the prosecution? Wouldn’t it be proof that they did what their testimony claimed?

Unless of course, they were stealing stuff or planting stuff or lying under oath.

But law enforcement officers would never do that would they?

Our judges and legislators and civil rights activists should make it a priority to make it clear that law enforcement officers never ask to turn a recording off.

It’s literally hiding evidence.

FBI Demanded Trump Cameras Be Off During Raid; Lawyer Removed

FBI Demanded Trump Cameras Be Off During Raid; Lawyer Removed

Jackie Robinson Museum Opening Sept. 5 In New York

Jackie Robinson Museum Opening Sept. 5 In New York

By Joe Guzzardi

After a 14-year delay, the Jackie Robinson Museum will open to the public in New York on Sept. 5. For baseball fans, the 20,000 square foot museum at One Hudson Square Building, 75 Varick St. will offer interactive exhibits including one of Ebbets Field, 4,500 rare artifacts, and other displays that evoke Robinson’s baseball and civil rights activist experiences. The Jackie Robinson Foundation, founded in 1975 by Jackie’s wife Rachel, will oversee the museum.

Every year, Jackie’s heroic tale is told nationwide in classrooms, and he’s had schools, parkways, streets and apartment houses named in his honor. While Jackie’s story as Major League Baseball’s first black player is well known even to non-fans, Rachel’s biography is equally compelling and inspiring. Her life serves as a universal example for young women who want to succeed.

On July 19, 2022, Rachel Annetta Isum Robinson celebrated her 100th birthday; she was only 50 when Jackie died from a heart attack brought on by acute diabetes. Writing in the Society for American Baseball Research, journalist Ralph Carhart told of Rachel’s early upbringing in Los Angeles. Her mother Zellee took Rachel to violin lessons, museums and the Exposition Park Rose Garden. Rachel attended the acclaimed Manual Arts High School, which included among its notable alumni three-time Oscar winner Frank Capra and California Governor Goodwin Knight. Zellee and her husband Charles provided Rachel with opportunities that paved her way to accomplishment.

Jackie Robinson Museum Opening Sept. 5 In New York
Rachel Robinson

Rachel enrolled in UCLA where she met Jackie. Sparks didn’t fly! Rachel thought the popular Bruins football star was “cocky, conceited and self-centered.” Eventually, however, Rachel’s opinion softened, and on their first formal date, Jack took her to the Bruins football homecoming dinner, an affair at the exclusive Biltmore Hotel. While Jack was serving in the U.S. Army, Rachel studied at the U.C. San Francisco School of Nursing, and worked eight-hour shifts in hospital wards. After graduating and earning the Florence Nightingale Award for excellence in nursing, Rachel and Jack married in Los Angeles in 1946, and the couple had Jackie, Jr. in November. Two other children followed, Sharon in 1950, and David in 1952.

Rachel later earned an M.S. degree in psychiatric nursing from New York University, became a Yale University Assistant Professor of nursing, a researcher at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and directed the Connecticut Mental Health Center.

On April 15, 1947, Rachel was at Ebbets Field with Jackie, Jr., to watch her husband make history. Rachel later commented on how much Jack’s elevation from the Triple-A Montreal Royals to the Brooklyn Dodgers meant to “Black America, and how much we symbolized its hunger for opportunity and its determination to make dreams long deferred possible.”

After Jack died at age 52 in 1972, Rachel immediately took over as the protector of her husband’s legacy. Within weeks of his death, Rachel resigned from Yale and managed Jack’s various financial interests. One of Jackie’s dreams was to start a construction company that built affordable housing for underserved families. Although Rachel didn’t have adequate funding to pursue that project, she founded the Jack Robinson Development Corporation. Working with the Halpern Building Corporation, the JRDC built and managed more than 1,300 units of low- and moderate-income housing in New York City and Yonkers. Rachel supervised the property managers’ training.

Since the Jackie Robinson Foundation’s inception nearly half a century ago, Rachel has received 12 honorary doctorates, including one from her alma mater, New York University. Her first alma mater presented her with the UCLA Medal in 2009, the university’s highest honor. In 2017, Rachel was given the Buck O’Neil Lifetime Achievement Award from the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, presented every three years to a person who enhances baseball’s positive image in society.

In 2020, Rachel and daughter Sharon moved to Delray Beach, Fla. where she’ll continue to provide a guiding hand to the museum curators and to promote Jackie’s legacy to all who visit, old fans and new.

Joe Guzzardi is a Society for American Baseball Research and Internet Baseball Writer Association member. Contact him at guzzjoe@yahoo.com.

Jackie Robinson Museum Opening Sept. 5 In New York

Curt Weldon Addresses FBI Corruption; Bureau Is Being Undermined

Curt Weldon Addresses FBI Corruption; Bureau Is Being Undermined

By Curt Weldon

I never met Donald Trump but I do know our most trusted agencies are being undermined! Raiding anyone’s home is the ultimate attack on a persons reputation and character. It’s extremely difficult to reverse!

Let me share my personal story about a “raid”!

As a young teacher, my first vote went to Carter because Ford pardoned Nixon.

I served as assistant fire chief in 1975 at one of America’s largest disasters when two oil tankers collided at my hometown refinery in Marcus Hook, Pa. killing 29 and threatening our people.

I was elected mayor of Marcus Hook twice as candidate of both parties to defeat a major gang. I led local partnerships with the FBI/ATF.

My first legislation in the House held the Soviet’s accountable for violating the ABM Treaty. As vice chair of Armed Services and Homeland Security Committees, I worked closely with Intel and was even hosted for a private breakfast by CIA Director Tenet offering full support.

Curt Weldon Addresses FBI Corruption; Says Feds Not All Bad But The Bad Is Very Bad

As a member of the Cox Commission on China Technology Theft and Speakers Task Forces on Russia and North Korea, I worked with agency experts to strategize our security. I also witnessed, however, rogues and unscrupulous bastards only concerned with selfish interests.

I was leading three investigations that absolutely embarrassed the Intel rogues and bastards and White House leaders in both parties.

I dared publish a book in 2005 challenging these rogues. Next in line to chair Armed Services — which granted unlimited Subpoena Power — my 2006 election was deliberately maligned. Two weeks prior to the election, agents went to my child’s home where cameras and reporters were waiting. Headlines screamed scandal! To this day, NO ONE talked to my child – nor me! That same day agents were sent to the law offices of a Democrat friend who, at the time of the raid, was working for FBI Counter Intel that I HAD ARRANGED two years prior. Imagine, two sets of FBI Agents in the same office doing their jobs not aware that rogues and bastards had corrupted the process.

My friend received an apology days after the raid. We now know every detail of the abuse – we even found evidence that my opponent’s TV ads had been decreased for the week of the raids 6 weeks prior to the date of the raids.

At the request of my friend Dennis Kucinich, I briefed a top investigative journalist who agreed not to publish. After a four-month review with his Deep State sources, he verified every detail of what we now know.

It can shake the nation! Our agencies aren’t broken or corrupt but rogues and bastards manipulate the system, sometimes operating at will. They must be held fully accountable!

Many of my best friends in Congress were Democrats! In fact, after my 2006 defeat, my friends Biden, Hoyer and Pascrell called to tell me how sad they were at “what had been done to me”!

Our country is more polarized today than ever! People who do wrong – regardless of stature – must be held accountable. But our collective effort must focus on removing bad actors from the agencies that guarantee our freedom and independence!

Curt Weldon represented Pennsylvania’s 7th District (mostly Delaware County) from 1987 to 2007.

Curt Weldon Addresses FBI Corruption; Says Feds Not All Bad But The Bad Is Very Bad

Practice of profane cursing William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 8-10-22

Practice of profane cursing William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 8-10-22

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Practice of profane cursing William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 8-10-22Answer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: The foolish and wicked practice of profane cursing and swearing is a vice so mean and low that every person of sense and character detests and despises it.
George Washington

Practice of profane cursing William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 8-10-22