Deep State Election Interference

Deep State Election Interference
Fear me, swamp dwellers

Deep State Election Interference — Federal agents raided the homes of the daughter and a supporter of Congressmen Curt Weldon three weeks before the 2006 election giving the race to Democrat Joe Sestak.

Neither the daughter, nor Charlie Sexton, the supporter, nor Weldon were ever charged. 

Weldon was in line to become House Armed Services Committee chairman and his agenda included investigating Clinton National Security Adviser Sandy Berger for the theft of national security documents from the National Archive and for arranging a retroactive presidential waiver for Loral CEO Bernard Schwartz who had illegally transferred  sensitive technology to China.

Two laters later, federal charges were brought against Alaska Republican Sen. Ted Stevens which led to his conviction a week before the 2008 election. The race was won by just 3,953 votes by Democrat Mark Begich who provided a necessary vote for Obamacare and other expansions of the Deep State bureaucracy.

Stevens’ conviction was voided after it was learned that the FBI concealed evidence that would have led to an acquittal. No matter. He was out of power and the mission was accomplished.

Now it is found that the Obama Administration had wiretapped Donald Trump a month before the 2016 election. Shades of Watergate. Where is the outrage from the good government crowd?  Silly question. The “good government” crowd was never about good government but the advancement of the Deep State whose denizens are now desperately reaching for straws to keep the swamp from being drained.

A decade or two ago, there would be no panic. Victory would be ordained. Trump would never had even reached office much less the nomination to create the fuss in the first place.

But the world has shifted. The enablers like the Washington Post and the New York Times and the network news have but a fraction of their influence and the blanket cover they once provided is now flimsy and filled with holes.


Deep State Election Interference



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