Summer 2023 Starts Now

Summer 2023 Starts Now — Summer 2023 starts 10:58 a.m. EDT , June 21, which is right now if our internet service provider’s clock is accurate.

This means that tilt of Earth’s semi-axis is most inclined to the sun in the Northern Hemisphere which is a solstice.

The axis will in a few moments slowly start reversing itself until it is the Southern Hemisphere that is most inclined to the sun.

This would be the start of our winter (and Argentina’s summer).

Today is the longest day of the year.

Summer 2023 Starts Now

Woke Or Worth It Movie Guide

Woke Or Worth It Movie Guide

By Bob Small

Deciding that the mass of us needed a guide as to whether or not a movie is “woke” or not, James Carrick has created a needed guide for those of us worried about “wokeness”.

He gives his opinion on whether a film is “worth it or woke.”

His ratings are:




in the ways he defines woke, including “A woke rating indicates a strong emphasis on activism over narrative”.  It’s possible he means only “left ” activism  over narrative, but that remains to be seen.

To be fair, there were two movies he reviewed which I then compared with IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes;

Sounds of Freedom received an overall score of 97% and an approval under role models.  Surprisingly, IMDB, which usually has both negative and positive reviews, was almost exclusively positive.

Rotten Tomatoes which usually has various opinions also had only positive reviews.  Sounds like a movie to see.

And one more review: › sound-of-freedom-gettingSound Of Freedom Getting Released – BillLawrenceOnline

Another review was on Spider-Man; Across the Spiderverse.  He finds a problem with a “2.5 second flash of  a “Protect the Trans Kids sign” in Gwen’s room” but otherwise seems to like the film.

Again, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes seem to agree.

One can understand that there is are well-made movies with bad intentions like the silent Birth of A Nation as opposed to  poorly made movies with good intentions like Guess who’s Coming to Dinner.  We all have our belief systems but we should also be open to any art that questions it and hopefully he has that capacity.

Two “left” critiques of his website are: › culture › culture-features › worth-it-or-woke-film-critic-red-pilled-review-1234740605 › entertainment › worth-it-or-woke-is-a-rotten-tomatoes-alternative-for-conservatives

In short, though I won’t agree with all of their reviews, it seems an interesting addition to IMDB, which has been my main source, which is why I signed up with Worth it or Woke. At least, this gives me someone else to argue with in future posts, now that I’m receiving them on a regular basis.

Follow-up;  One of the first reviews received indicated Padre Pio was a poorly made movie with good intentions, and IMDB generally agreed.

Work Or Worth It Movie Guide

Be what you appear to be William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-21-23

Be what you appear to be William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-21-23

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Be what you appear to beAnswer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: Be what you appear to be.
John Quigg

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