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Deana Martin Friday Webcast — Deana Martin, who is Dean Martin’s daughter, has had a webcast featuring songs and humor for three years.

We just found it on Twitter. Check it out. She’s great.
Deana Martin Friday Webcast

Swarthmore Getting LGBTQ Rainbow Crosswalk

Swarthmore Getting LGBTQ Rainbow Crosswalk

By Bob Small

Swarthmore Borough (population 6,523 as of 2023) will have its very own LGBTQ rainbow crosswalk, probably the smallest municipality by population to attain this distinction.

During the public safety segment of the June 12 Council meeting — at about hour 135.30 — it was announced that    $1,000 will be donated by the Borough for paint. All the work is volunteer. (

For what it’s worth, this we believe this is the first Borough Council we missed in 20203.

While we agree with the sentiments behind this project, we wondered what  local other towns have done this.

The June 12  notes will not be voted on until July 10th, then to be entered online.

In Phoenixville (population 19,354) the painting party became a community lovefest. 

“Together, we ensure every person is safe, loved and celebrated,” said Mayor Peter Ueschel

In Doylestown (population 8,532) there was opposition to the painting decision.

“What about Chinese Flags? What about the hammer and sickle?” asked Resident Art Larson.

“If we’re looking to have a better understanding of each other, there are probably things that work better than painting,” said business owner Jona Franklin.

It was noted that “installation and ongoing maintenance costs will be covered by the Doylestown Pride Festival”.

In Canada, Leithbridge has a “permanent transgender pride flag crosswalk and a permanent rainbow crosswalk”. 

We can also add Toronto and Vancouver to this list of cities with pride designations. Besides Philadelphia, we have Key West, Long Beach, Miami Beach, San Francisco, West Hollywood, and many others.

Swarthmore Getting LGBTQ Rainbow Crosswalk

Be slow in choosing a friend William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-30-23

Be slow in choosing a friend William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-30-23

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Be slow in choosing a friendAnswer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: Be slow in choosing a friend, slower in changing.
Benjamin Franklin