Octorara Plantiff Getting Hate Mail, Threats

Octorara Plantiff Getting Hate Mail — A Kimberton man who is suing more than dozen persons including eight of the nine Octorara school director, Octorara Superintendent Michele Orner, and Chester County District Attorney Debra Ryan is receiving threatening letters and other hate mail.

John Ryan Miller was arrested at the Sept. 19, 2022 school board meeting in the Chester County, Pa. district. He had gone there to serve a summons regarding the federal lawsuit he filed Aug. 18 alleging violations of the 1983 Civil Rights act.

The Act makes it a crime for someone acting under the color of law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.

Miller had spoken at a January meeting on behalf of parents concerned about the trauma Covid restrictions were afflicting on their children. He objected to the request made by the board that he make public personal information such as name and municipality under board policy

He was allowed to speak after giving his town but put the board on notice that he wouldn’t do that again.

Things did not get resolved and Miller filed his suit.

He said that before the September meeting he had been warned in a letter by Ms. Orner not to attend.

Miller noted that as the letter had no force of law he was in his rights to attend and so he went.

And he was arrested for trespassing.

The arresting officers simply told him that the school superintendent didn’t want him on the property and presented him a letter.

Judge Karen S. Marston ruled on May 4, 2023 that the defendants were acting as private persons and did not have qualified immunity. Without qualified immunity, public officials could be personally responsible for all legal costs and fines.

It was about this point the letters started coming.

Miller says they are being sent to his family, a witness who is a law enforcement officer and his neighbors. He said the leaders contained threats and ridiculous slander including the claim that he was a kidnapper holding people for ransom.

The witness is East Whiteland police officer Anthony Falgiatore of Frazier, who expressed sympathy for Miller. Falgiatore is the lone school director not being sued.

Falgiatore had called on his fellow school board members to stop using taxpayer money to pay their legal expenses after the judge’s ruling.

Falgiatore quotes one letter he received as saying 100 a week will be mailed to his neighbors unless you and Tony admit lawsuit was a set-up and repay the School District at once! Let us know on FB by 11:59 PM, Friday, May 19th, 2023. Thank you Missy!! You still look amazing by the way,

Falgiatore says a similar letter was sent to the East Whiteland Police Department but with the added text: Tony – same offer that your wife and the JERKOFF received.

He noted that there was a social media campaign being spread agains he and his wife alleging that they set up the lawsuit trap the district.

“This couldn’t be further from the truth,” he said.

Falgiatore said that his chief boss got a phone call from the Pennsylvania State Police local barracks that handled the arrest, advising him that they were concerned about my testimony.

Miller said he is adding four state troopers and two district magistrates to his lawsuit.

Hat tip The Lancaster Patriot

Octorara Plantiff Getting Hate Mail, Threats

Octorara Plantiff Getting Hate Mail, Threats

Philly Hearing Was Example In Lawfare

Philly Hearing Was Example In Lawfare

By Greg Stenstrom

We were in Philadelphia this past Tuesday defending ourselves, the People of Pennsylvania, and the United States, rights to free speech and to lawfully bring grievances to our government. The Common Pleas Court was giving serious consideration to searching our homes and confiscating our arms, restricting our liberty and movements, gagging and silencing us from speaking anymore about our evidence of massive election fraud, limiting our ability to defend ourselves Pro Se (self-representation), and sanctioning us for $15,000 and other fines. 

The fact that we had a lengthy hearing on those subjects at all and had to vigorously defend ourselves should be of concern to all people and provides a metric of the state of the nation today, and the jeopardy to the liberty of all citizens, which was the point of the hearing. 

It was pure intimidation, harassment and a threat from our government not just to Leah Hoopes and me, but to all People of the United States of America. 

All of our previous motions and requests to the Court in a defamation case where we are codefendants with President Trump, had been summarily denied without hearing or argument allowed that we had requested. 

Frankly, it was not until we accused the Court of malfeasance and drew their ire, that they finally saw fit to have a hearing after more than two years of assaulting us in Philadelphia, Delaware County, Harrisburg, and the US Supreme Court with a literal mountain of litigation meant to bury us, and our evidence, with what is now tens of thousands of pages of filings and responses, and had we not been Pro Se, millions of dollars in legal fees. Their strategy is to isolate, contain and destroy us – and to exhaust us.

That is the high stakes “game” our illegitimate government is playing. A couple of dozen people that have joined us in the fight were in the court room with us, and some have joined us in upcoming legal cases to protect our elections and our community and homes where we live, most notably our hearing on July 11th, before the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania to inspect the mail in ballot envelopes from the most recent election, and previous elections, for their declarations of qualified electors.

The Plaintiff’s attorney, J. Conor Corcoran, in this case, accused us of “threating” (sic) to use “explosive devices” against him, the Plaintiff, James Savage, the Court, and gay people, and placed multiple press releases to that effect preceding the hearing, as well as presented other false evidence before the court. His argument in court expressed admonitions that we (Leah and myself) had abused the court and legal process, and that we didn’t know what we were doing Pro Se, and were wasting everyone’s time.

We did not falter or demure, and plainly asserted our rights, that the truth is a complete defense, and that our efforts over the past three years in the courts, our book “The Parallel Election: A Blueprint for Deception,” and media statements were necessary to protect our loved ones and nation from the pain of “powder box,” which is a metonymy for the lawful provisions of Constitution to redress grievances after all other lawful remedies have been exhausted.

What was said at the end by the Judge was concerning – mostly the fact that without “red flag” laws that are currently before the PA legislature and being aggressively pushed onto a mute, feckless congress without much resistance, that he was powerless to disarm us – and that the US Constitution and PA Constitution, as written, also forbade him from granting the order. The point being that the order was overall reluctantly denied. 

The end result was not a “win,” but rather should be a warning call to all people in the US, because we shouldn’t have been in that courtroom at all defending ourselves from those ridiculous charges. 

Had Leah and myself not been Pro Se (self-represented), and alternatively, a lawyer bound by the bar and rules of the court and threat of censure and disbarment not so vigorously defended us, the outcome would likely have been very different.

If you’re not awake, paying attention, and arming yourself with the facts, and evidence that a relatively small number of misanthropes have stolen out elections and installed an illegitimate government, then you best get started.

This week, we were blessed, and they didn’t get through us. But, more enemies are piling on by the hour, and we are fighting lawfare backed by the 65 Project, the Lincoln Project, battalions of lawyers, and government agencies and surveillance run amok with billions of dollars at their disposal. 

A few dozen of us who are in the fight are holding them back, or at least stalling them with God’s grace, but sooner, or later, they will figure out a way to get by, or simple roll over us without more help – your help.

Facebook will surely shadow ban this post, and few will see it, so please share it if you do. Most will skip by this post, and on to whatever trite meme or media distraction catches their eye. 

But, otherwise, Facebook has become our unofficial means of communicating with our enemies, and enemies of our Republic – who will take the time to read this with great interest, which is the primary reason I take the time to make these posts – for them. 

So to them I say, some of us are still standing the watch, and we will not stop, we will not quit, and we will fight in the courts, no matter how futile they may make that seem. We are counting on good people, good judges, good public servants, and God, to carry the fight, and will keep coming.

Philly Hearing Was Example In LawfareMr. Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes defended themselves, June 20, in a hearing in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court concerning a dubious protection Protective Order Request filed in defamation case relating to the 2020 Election.

Philly Hearing Was Example In Lawfare

Oz Woman Has Plan To Fight Global Tyranny

Oz Woman Has Plan To Fight Global Tyranny

By Bob Small

Australian Monica Smit has organized Global Walkout.

“We are walking out from the Globalist Society they are trying to enslave us into,” she says.

The group says that the tyrant’s agenda includes phasing out cash and bringing in digital currency.

They noted how Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau froze bank accounts just for donations to the protesting truck drivers. 

Their plans include growing one’s own vegetables, sharing skills and using bartering. This is similar to the Transition Town movement.

There is still an active Transition Town in Media Borough, Pa.. I was part of Transition Town Swarthmore until it detransitioned.

Global Walkout differs from Transition Town in that it advocates using cash as much as possible and deleting payment methods from your electronic devices.

Every Second Sunday at 8 p.m. Oz time which is 3 p.m. ESDT a new step will be announced which can be found on its website

“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you,” as Joeph Heller said. 

Ms Smit, by the way, was named by Inside the Vatican as one of their Top Ten of 2021 for her work as a founder of Reignite Democracy and her time in jail for “incitement”.  I

“Yet, one thing that has remained constant is the determination of individual’s to follow the Spirit’s call,” says the article.

“From age 18 to about 26, I tried the world instead of the Faith to see if it was better than being a Catholic,” Ms. Smits says. “Turns out it wasn’t.”

Further information can be found about her at these links:

BREAKING: Monica Smit ARRESTED for incitement – Rebel News

Monica Smit: Melbourne anti-vaxxer was once a reality TV wannabe | n

Activists Monica Smit and Avi Yemini back in court – The Age

How an anti-mask firebrand fans the right’s flames against Dan Andre

Thanks to Scott from Vermont who sent me the initial article about the Global Walkout.

The group says that the tyrant's agenda includes phasing out cash and bringing in digital currency.

Are you sure That we are awake  William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-22-23

Are you sure That we are awake  William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-22-23

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Are you sure That we are awake  William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-22-23Answer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: Are you sure
That we are awake?
It seems to me
That yet we sleep, we dream
A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Are you sure That we are awake