United4Delco Has Inaugural Meeting

United4Delco Has Inaugural Meeting — Kudos to Joe Dychala and Wendy Willhauer for organizing the inaugural meeting of United4Delco held tonight, June 1, at warm and friendly Gatsby’s Bar & Grill, 4936 Pennell Road, Aston, Pa. 19014.

About 40 filled the banquet hall. Joe described his write-in campaign in the May 16 GOP primary for Aston 7th Ward Commissioner in which he got nearly a third of the vote against 16-year incumbent Mike Higgins.

The main speakers were election integrity activists Leah Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom, authors of The Parallel Election. While much of what they said would be familiar to readers of this site, Greg and Leah each described the very real personal costs they endured during their campaign.

The County can go a long way in easing legitimate suspicions regarding how it runs elections simply by not fighting right to know requests especially when arbiters rule against them, and by not ignoring requests for documents in bald rejection of the law.

How can one not be suspicious?

Oh, an update on this morning’s story: We have been told that Delaware County Director of Elections Jim Allen has contacted Greg along with GOP County Council candidate Joy Schwartz and agreed to allow them to count — and photograph — the ballot envelopes. That wasn’t so hard, now, was it?

United4Delco Has Inaugural Meeting

SpongeBob Lives On Epstein Island Says Google. Really

SpongeBob Lives On Epstein Island Says Google — SpongeBob SquarePants, the iconic cartoon character, lives at 124 Conch St., Bikini Bottom according to his driver’s license.

SpongeBob Lives On Epstein Island Says Google. Really

Now type that address into Google Maps.

This is what we got about 15 minutes ago:

SpongeBob Lives On Epstein Island Says Google. Really

Little Saint James in the U.S. Virgin Islands, better known as Epstein Island, is where the late and unlamented sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein held many parties for the rich and powerful.

Epstein bought the island in 1998. SpongeBob started in 1999. Sorry if we ruined anyone’s happy childhood memories.

Here’s a zoomed in image take at 2:17 p.m., June 1. The search only seems to work on the mobile app.

SpongeBob Lives On Epstein Island Says Google. Really

Hat tip Vox Popoli.

Delco Refuses Count Of Mail-In Envelopes

Delco Refuses Count Of Mail-In Envelopes — Delaware County Pa. is refusing to let Republicans count mail-in ballot envelopes from the May 16 primary election spawning a request for intervention in Commonwealth Court; demands from John McBlain, who is the minority member of the Board of Elections; and a letter from Delco GOP Chairman Frank Agovino to County Election Director James Allen asking him what’s up.

“I cannot fathom why the county will not allow examination of the envelopes,” Agovino said. This is a pretty simple request. And, as (McBlain) has indicated repeatedly, this is in direct violation of state law. I cannot in good conscious abide by the county’s current position.”

Agovino told Allen to consider his letter a formal request to conduct a count on behalf of Katie Ford, the losing candidate in a special election to fill the 163rd District State House seat. A victory by her would have given Republicans control of the House.

The Commonwealth Court filing was made by County Council candidate Joy Schwartz of Drexel Hill along with poll watchers Greg Stenstrom of Glen Mills, Leah Hoopes of Chadds Ford and Paul Rumley of Springfield.

The docket number is 258 MD 2023 and can be found here.

When a government fights this hard to hide something, something bad is being hidden.

It’s really becoming hard not to believe Delaware County’s elections are rigged.

Delco Refuses Count Of Mail-In Envelopes
Delco Refuses Count Of Mail-In Envelopes

Venture Capitalist Ventures To Run For President

Venture Capitalist Ventures To Run For President

By Bob Small

Another 2024 presidential candidate is Ohio venture capitalist Vivek Ramaswamy.

In  many polls he is now listed third, tied with Mike Pence.

Vivek has the same political experience as Donald Trump had when he ran. Others seeking to be the first  Asian-American President (though Britain has it’s first Asian-British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak), are Tulsi Gabbard, Nikki Haley, and Andrew Yang.

The 37-year- old is married to Apoorva. They have two sons.  She is a throat surgeon at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center. His political positions, including civic duty voting and Independence from Communist China can be found here.

He’s considering Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as his running mate.  This strict vegetarian –as befits his Hinduism — plans to eliminate the Department of Education on “day 1”, although this would probably be challenged on day 2.

The Politico article (see above) quoted Bib Meisterling a Cedar Rapids voter as saying 

Venture Capitalist Ventures To Run For President

“America first without the Chaos”

He would not sign a Federal Abortion Ban”, according to

Then there’s the LinkedIn controversy;

Vivek was censored by LinkedIn for alleged misinformation and hate speech with the Linked-in citing as an example his statement “The CCP is playing the Biden administration like a Chinese mandolin”.  

Another controversial quote was that Target was “spitting in the face of customers.” it’s PRIDE collection, included  “tuck-friendly” women’s swimwear,  with extra fabric in the crotch area, allowing pre-op Transexuals to conceal their private parts.

Among the points outlined by The Christian Post is his statement that “If you can’t fire someone for being black, gay, or Muslim, you shouldn’t be able to fire someone for his political speech”.

Onward to 2024!

Venture Capitalist Ventures To Run For President

None but an armed nation  William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-1-23

None but an armed nation  William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-1-23

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None but an armed nation  William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-1-23Answer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: None but an armed nation can dispense with a standing army. To keep ours armed and disciplined is therefore at all times important.
Thomas Jefferson