Uniparty Has An Interest To Steal

Uniparty Has An Interest To Steal

By Greg Stenstrom

Our Appellant Brief to the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania for Chester County, PA election ballot recounts and release of public election records for November 2023 is attached here. This is one filing of many in multiple counties in PA.

The bottom line is corrupt county officials, which include specific judges, will not, and cannot allow honest recounts, or give up election records, because they know the elections are fraudulent, and we are working lawfully and diligently to correct that.

Let’s stop being coy and naive about this subject. Everyone with more than a few neurons firing in their brains knows election fraud is a major problem in our Republic.

And, the core reason is simple – money. Corrupt government officials and private interests at the top of the food chain have been stealing so much, for so long, and it is now so ingrained in our government culture, that it’s no longer a matter of “won’t” stop. They “can’t” stop.

The underlying reason for election fraud at a County and State level is that it enables horse trading between uniparty DNC and GOP officials to carve out row offices, schools, prison, utilities, where they enrich themselves.

They do this by simple pay to play graft; directing contracts to private interests; extracting monies from taxpayers; outright theft of citizen’s properties, estates, trusts; and even involuntarily directing children into programs that corrupt officials and other bad actors profit from.

The recent election “reforms” that allowed them to consolidate elections into centralized counting centers gave them complete control and removed any remaining transparency.

The biggest problem the citizenry now faces is that there is nothing left for corrupt government officials and symbiotic private interests to steal. The coffers are not just empty, they are filled with “IOU’s” that can never be collected on unless we remove the bad actors and gluttons.

Delaware County went from a surplus and balanced budget to over $60M in debt in just a few years and increased taxes 5% just last month with an anticipated 25% next year – which still won’t come close to staunching the blood loss. Fayette County is 10’s of millions of dollars in debt, drowning, and sinking even faster.

This story is endemic across Pennsylvania. Pensions are upside down and not being funded. New bonds that cannot be repaid are being floated week to week to meet payroll obligations. It’s a mutual death spiral between government and banks, with the banks having so much invested and debt at risk (depositors money), that they have no choice but to float more debt.

It’s a game of hopium and musical chairs, and the music has stopped at all levels of government – federal, state, and local.

It’s not too late for the citizenry to put a headlock on the recalcitrant, sick patient that our government has become, and give it an enema to flush out the most fetid bad actors, and start restoring honest government and sanity.

Court filings like the one below are written in plain language and chronological story format to encourage people to read them, learn what is going on, and move them to action.

We are going to need a LOT of volunteers for the upcoming elections as poll workers, canvassers, poll watchers, and authorized representatives – hundreds per county and thousands state-wide.

Please share and talk about elections with your friends and families. Your lives and the future of your families and children depend on it.

Uniparty Has An Interest To Steal

Uniparty Has An Interest To Steal

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