The What If Question In The Presidential Race

The What If Question In The Presidential Race

By Bob Small

The question of what would happen if either of the two leading Presidential Contenders left the race keeps coming up.  This is due to Biden’s age and the continuing court dramas regarding Donald Trump.

My personal prediction is that neither of those candidates will be there in November. Of course, my prediction was that the Eagles would win the 2023 Super Bowl.  This is an article covering the various possibilities:   What if Biden or Trump suddenly leaves the 2024 race?

In the “another one bites the dust” section of the Political News, Marianne Williamson has left the Democratic race.

The 71- year old philosophized “I read a quote the other day that said sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful, too,” the 71-year-old said. She had earlier said that the US “needed a season of repair”, but was unable to convince more than 4 percent of the Democratic voters that she was the person for the job.

In another report, she said  “As of today, we are suspending our campaign. While the level of our failure is obvious to all, a level of success is real nonetheless.”

Not sure what that means either. 

This lack of clarity may have been the story of her campaign or non-campaign.

Even as she was ending her campaign, she had a running battle with clarity

“As with every other aspect of my career over the last 40 years, I know how ideas float through the air forming ever new designs,” she said.

She finished with only 2 percent of the vote,

The only well-known Democratic candidate remaining is Dean Phillips, a Minnesota congressman, whose star may begin rising now, as it becomes clearer and clearer to the Democratic party that Jospeh Biden should not be running in 2024.  This may also help RFK, Jr, notwithstanding whether he runs as a Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, etc.  

Maybe the Dems need to review their options from among the Democratic Candidate list.   

The What If Question In The Presidential Race

The What If Question In The Presidential Race

Content with your failure William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 2-20-24

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