GOP Spent More On Flowers Than Voter Files

GOP Spent More On Flowers Than Voter FilesJennifer Van Laar revealed on that the Democrat National Committee spent $156,900, 327.28 between Oct. 20, 2022 and Nov. 30, 2023 while the Republican National Committee spent 128,735,489.96.


It’s not that big a difference.

Maybe the RNC spent smarter.

Well, no. That’s where it’s not so fine.

The Rs spent $1.078 million on management consulting vs $114,000 to the Ds; $116,341.27 on media booking consultants compared to nothing for the Ds; $263,127.25 on limos compared to $7k for the Ds; and, wait for it, $70,328 for floral arrangements compared to $795 for the Ds.

The Ds, on the other hand, spent $235,865.88 on voter file maintenance compared to $39,233.5 for the Rs; and $1,676,923.29 for “get out the vote” texting compared to $86,019 for the Rs.

They also gave $23,835,437 to state parties compared to $13,800,200 for the Rs.

Yes, the Republicans spent more on floral arrangements than on voter file maintenace.

Ronna McDaniel has got to go. If she won’t resign as national GOP chairwoman, she should be coerced to quit. They can give her some flowers and a ride in a limo on the way out.

Hat tip Charlie Kirk

GOP Spent More On Flowers Than Voter Files

GOP Spent More On Flowers Than Voter Files

Saint Matrona And Stalin

Saint Matrona And Stalin

By Bob Small

Joseph Stalin, known as Joseph Vissarrionovich Stalin born as Joseb Besarionis Dze Jughashvili, has a mixed evaluation from a historical perspective.  Many of his actions were monstrous but the Allies might have lost World War 2, if he hadn’t had Russia switch sides.  In 2024, he’s still a source of controversy in his native Georgia.

There is an icon showing Stalin being blessed by Saint Matrona of Moscow the Holy Trinity (Saemba) Cathedral.

A youthful Stalin attended the Russian Orthodox Theological Seminary in Tiflis, Georgia with the intent of becoming a priest. 

Activist, Nata Peradze threw blue paint on the icon on Jan. 9. 

This action generated a reaction in which members of the far-right “Alt Info” party to surround Ms. Peradze’s house but luckily local Police quickly arrived.

Ms. Peradze is not alone in her opinion regarding the icon. Gocha Barnov, a theologian, told TV channel Mtavari Arkhi that the icon’s presence in the cathedral was ‘blasphemous’ and that it should be removed immediately.    Davit Tarkan-Mouravi, the leader of the far-right, Alliance of Patriots of Georgia announced that he had donated the icon to the Church.

Stalin became an avowed atheist and that the meeting memorialized in the Icon — which is mean to honor Saint Matrona — is apocryphal at best.

However, let truth not stand in the way of a good story.

Saint Matrona was a contemporary of the dictator, though, being born a few years after and dying one year before in 1952. Like Stalin, she lived in Moscow but as a Christian and many miracles are attributed her.

One reason that Ms. Peradze threw the paint on the icon  is her family’s history which she blames on Stalin.

“It’s my pain,” Ms. Peradze told Al Jazeera. “We have no [discussions] about what happened and no memorials for the people who went through hell because of this guy. There were priests on my father’s side and on my mother’s there were dissidents. Some were deported to Siberia and some were lost and we never knew what happened to them.” 

There has been a resurgence in Stalin’s popularity in Georgia, with at least 11 new statues of him appearing since the governing Georgian Dream party came to power in 2012.

Perhaps we should remember Stalin as a complicated individual who…how should we finish this sentence?

Saint Matrona And Stalin
The Saint And Stalin

Donna Ellingsen Also In Delegate Race

Donna Ellingsen Also In Delegate Race — We just heard from good friend Donna Ellingsen that she is also running for delegate for the Republican National Convention from Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District.

Top three vote-getters attend.

Donna won in 2020 — as did Bunny Welsh and Deborah Abel, who are also running this year — but was unable to attend due to Covid restrictions.

Also running this year is Brian Yanoviak, who is fighting for election transparency and was the 2023 GOP candidate for Chesco Recorder of Deeds.

There may be other candidates.

The election matters as the elector must be expected to stay true to the people’s choice when casting the vote for the nomination especially if it goes beyond a second round.

We are confident that the four mentioned will stay true.

Donna Ellingsen Also In Delegate Race
Donna Ellingsen

AG And Congressional Candidates Attend Chesco Petition Party

AG And Congressional Candidates Attend Chesco Petition Party — Bunny Welsh hosted a meet-and-greet petition-signing party at her Chadds Ford home, last night, Jan. 31 with appearances by Republican-endorsed Attorney General candidate Dave Sunday and 6th District congressional candidate Neil Young.

The impressions both men made were great.

Sunday is the York County district attorney who refused then Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s demand to prosecute businesses that ignored the state- mandate to close during Covid.

He noted that the drug crisis is the worst in memory and blamed it on fentanyl. He said the open border allows the cartels to push it through almost at will. Sunday said that a young person was far, far, far more likely to have survived temporary stupidity with the drugs of decades past than today with fentanyl.

Regarding criminal justice, he said punishment is necessary but mercy must be included. Sunday said that only 8 percent of convicts return to prison who find work upon release. About half of those that don’t end up back behind bars.

Sunday has developed a successful job program with York County manufacturers — including Harley-Davidson — which provide decent paying jobs for former inmates.

Former Delco DA Kat Copeland has dropped out of the AG race and has endorsed Sunday. State Rep. Craig Williams, however, is still reportedly circulating petitions.

Sunday is a veteran of the US Navy.

Neil Young is a teacher who poked fun at his famous name. His issues included education and the border.

Yes, he can unseat the incumbent Democrat. The 6th District is Chester County with a portion of Berks County.

The primary election is April 23.

AG And Congressional Candidates Attend Chesco Petition Party --
With Pennsylvania Attorney General Candidate Dave Sunday are Bunny Welsh, Brian Yanoviak and Debbie Abel who are running to be delegates for the Republican National Convention.

AG And Congressional Candidates Attend Chesco Petition Party --
Neil Young

AG And Congressional Candidates Attend Chesco Petition Party

Arms economy  William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 2-1-24

Arms economy  William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 2-1-24

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Arms economy  William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 2-1-18 Sing ye to the Lord a new canticle: sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing ye to the Lord and bless his name: shew forth his salvation from day to day. PsalmsAnswer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: It is part of the general pattern of misguided policy that our country is now geared to an arms economy which was bred in an artificially induced psychosis of war hysteria and nurtured upon an incessant propaganda of fear.
Douglas MacArthur