GOP Spent More On Flowers Than Voter Files

GOP Spent More On Flowers Than Voter FilesJennifer Van Laar revealed on that the Democrat National Committee spent $156,900, 327.28 between Oct. 20, 2022 and Nov. 30, 2023 while the Republican National Committee spent 128,735,489.96.


It’s not that big a difference.

Maybe the RNC spent smarter.

Well, no. That’s where it’s not so fine.

The Rs spent $1.078 million on management consulting vs $114,000 to the Ds; $116,341.27 on media booking consultants compared to nothing for the Ds; $263,127.25 on limos compared to $7k for the Ds; and, wait for it, $70,328 for floral arrangements compared to $795 for the Ds.

The Ds, on the other hand, spent $235,865.88 on voter file maintenance compared to $39,233.5 for the Rs; and $1,676,923.29 for “get out the vote” texting compared to $86,019 for the Rs.

They also gave $23,835,437 to state parties compared to $13,800,200 for the Rs.

Yes, the Republicans spent more on floral arrangements than on voter file maintenace.

Ronna McDaniel has got to go. If she won’t resign as national GOP chairwoman, she should be coerced to quit. They can give her some flowers and a ride in a limo on the way out.

Hat tip Charlie Kirk

GOP Spent More On Flowers Than Voter Files

GOP Spent More On Flowers Than Voter Files

2 thoughts on “GOP Spent More On Flowers Than Voter Files”

  1. This makes perfect sense, much like prepaying for a funeral. The RNC knows they’re dead so they’ve just made nice flower arrangements for the service. I’m just trying to figure out the office supplies expenditure. that’s enough paper and pens to actually win several elections, if they were trying to win of course. Otherwise, it’s just more slush for their fund.

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