Election 2020 Defamation Dismissed In Philly; Total Victory For Greg, Leah And Trump

Election 2020 Defamation Dismissed In Philly; Total Victory For Greg, Leah And Trump–The Philadelphia defamation case against President Trump and others has been dismissed with prejudice by Common Pleas Court Judge Michael E. Erdos.

This means it can’t be refiled.

Complete credit for the victory goes to Delaware County poll watchers Leah Hoopes of Chadds Ford and Gregory Stenstrom of Glen Mills who were co-defendants and who represented themselves.

The high-powered legal team representing The Donald seemed to be just going through the motions when we watched.

Trump, Ms. Hoopes, Stenstrom and Rudy Giuliani were accused of defaming former Delaware County, Pa. Voting Machine Warehouse supervisor James Savage saying he helped rig the 2020 election giving Pennsylvania’s electors — and the presidency — to Joe Biden.

Ms. Hoopes and Stenstrom make their claims in their book The Parallel Election.

Ms. Hoopes and Stenstrom used a truth defense. Truth is an absolute defense in defamation cases although this requires the defendants to prove their case.

J. Conor Corcoran represented Savage.

Corcoran faces a hearing before the disciplinary board of the state Supreme Court on an unrelated matter.

Ms. Hoopes and Stenstrom continue to seek sanctions against Corcoran for actions during their lawsuit.

One factor that raises a hmmm is that the hearing was dropped after Ms. Hoopes and Stenstrom requested subpoenas for Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer, former US Attorney for Eastern Pennsylvania William McSwain; then Pennsylvania Attorney General (now Governor) Josh Shapiro; and communications between Delaware County and Factcheck.org.

Stollsteimer issued a statement May 4 2022 — and read into the record by Delaware County Council, May 18, 2022 — declaring the claims by Ms. Hoopes and Stenstrom to be unfounded. He said their evidence was altered.

You would think Savage would have been the one wanting Stollsteimer’s testimony.

Really? Altered evidence?

Savage would have had a slam dunk.

Wonder why it was the defendants that wanted Stollsteimer on the stand.

There’s a similar defamation case in Delaware County where Savage is joined by Delco Election Director James Allen.

Maybe Jack can testify there.

Assuming that one continues of course.

We hear that Duane Morris LLP — Delco’s law firm — has pulled its attorneys.

In another matter, we are hearing reports of a seriously disgusting stunt pulled by Delco’s county detectives and its Children and Youth Services people.

Stay tuned.

Election 2020 Defamation Dismissed In Philly; Total Victory For Greg, Leah And Trump

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