Our Right To Refuse

Our Right To Refuse

By Bob Small

There were numerous groups that I discovered in my dealings with Children’s Health Defense (CHD). 

Right to refuse is one of the more active.

Its mission statement is “Right to Refuse is a national campaign to help state organizations and grassroots advocates connect for the purpose of passing state laws that would protect the rights of individuals to make their own health decisions.”

According to their website,  as of Dec 31, “74 Right to Refuse Bills have passed into laws in 29 States.” 

In Pennsylvania, we have Pennsylvania Coalition for Informed Consent  

To quote from the above website  “The Pennsylvania Coalition for Informed Consent works to preserve the vital personal freedom and human right to informed consent, privacy, and choice for medical procedures in Pennsylvania. “  There is a listing of House and Senate Bills listed to either support or reject.

Related websites are Health Freedom Pennsylvania: Home which lists allied groups. The active ones are https://www.pavotersguide.com/  which should be updated soon for 2024 and https://rightforliberty.com/ . See also the listed 8 organizations listed under Resource Center.

According to their charts, there were three vaccines in 1960.

As of 2019, there were 56. (

In my youth, we were shown photos of children in iron lungs to encourage us to receive our polio shots which was a shot we all willingly received –after seeing the photos.

Right about here we should say that vaccines are an individual choice.  Having had shingles, a shingles shot seemed appropriate.  A few weeks after two Covid shots, I got Covid.  That’s when this person started to rethink his choices.

Some other related websites on this topic are:

Home | National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)PPPC.me  “Pennsylvania Parents Protecting Children believes that parents and legal guardians have the right to safeguard their children’s health. “

FREE PA – Home

We should all remember that we , as citizens,  have both a right and a responsibility to contact our State and Local elected officials on these issues along with any others.

Our Right To Refuse

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