A Republican Scandal Looms, Will Inky Mention Party?

Yesterday, I said that GOP scandals are less in frequency and magnitude and lo and behold one looms according to Tony Phyrillas. 

Phyrillas reports that Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett has announced that 10 Republicans connected to the Pennsylvania Legislature, includingformer Speaker of the House John Perzel, have been charged in scheme masterminded by Perzel to funnel $10 million in tax dollars to political campaigns.

So, how is that different than state and federal grants to ACORN?

Seriously, kudos to Corbett.

And who wants to bet a dozen donuts that tomorrow’s Inky mentions the party? Two dozen says it’s in the headline. Three dozen says they don’t mention Corbett’s party affiliation. (Yes, he’s a Republican).

Here’s a link to Corbett’s website detailing names and charges.

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