Anti-Trump Republicans,or are they?

Anti-Trump Republicans, or are they?

By Bob Small

Viewing the letter in the March 27 issue of Town Talk (also Delco Times) from Mike Johnson of Republican Voters Against Trump it felt like real grass-rootsy. However when he says “Voting for Biden is an easy decision”, one began to think this was more Dems rooted than grass rootsy.

The Republican Accountability Project believes that “Donald Trump proved during his time in office and since why he is unfit to be President of the United States.”

One can scroll through the one hundred or so anti-Trump testimonials and see whether you agree or disagree. Something to do on a rainy night. For more on them, see Republican Accountability Project.

There is also Home – Republican Voters Against Trump , Republicans for the Rule of Law among many others.

One major problem to some is that the Democratic Alternative to Trump is one Joe Biden. For some people, the better alternative may be an Independent Candidate named Kennedy, or the possible Constitution Party, Green Party, or Libertarian Party candidates, etcetera, etcetera .

All three of the first millionaires mentioned in the article in Forbes Magazine are known primarily for backing Democrats

Reid Hoffman, Seth Klarman, and John Pritzker, though Klarman has donated to both Parties.

The Guardian article also mentions the one hundred videos and the Dem donors, in passing.

Does it sometimes feel that Trump is being ganged up on. Just saying.

Mike Pence, remember him, is making his presence felt in this campaign. This ad will be featured in Pennsylvania.

If one wants to believe these anti-Trump “Republicans” one is entitled to. After all, if the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are real, why not?

Anti-Trump Republicans, or are they?

5 thoughts on “Anti-Trump Republicans,or are they?”

  1. These Never-Trumpers are actually DIDs: Democrats In Disguise, aka “shills for the Democrat/Leftists.”

    The one overriding problem (among others) with them is their disingenuous dishonesty; they are Liars who pretend to hold our values all the while they support the Democrat agenda to destroy America for their own gain.

    1. I don’t know that calling them Democrats makes sense since there are many people with authority in the Republican Party who want the same exact things.

      What they have in common is a desire for power and getting rich without working.

    2. Did or Rat R against Trump.
      I would love to hear them Rats now after they voted for Biden

  2. Finally had a chance to catch up on all that was included here.

    I am of the opinion a lot of the YouTube and other comments were Bots. I wouldn’t put it past some of people who made “testimonials” were paid off either.

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