Bill Would Ban Bonuses To Pa Workers

A bill that would ban bonuses to state workers is winding its way through the Pennsylvania Senate.

Senate Bill 103 — a.k.a. The Commonwealth Agency Bonus Ban Act — was introduced by Sen. John H. Eichelberger
 (R-30) on Jan. 12 and would ban bonuses to all state employees. This pointedly includes the legislative branch.

Reimbursements for travel expenses, uniforms, cost-of-living adjustments and such would be exempted.

Another bill not getting much ink is SB 271 which would change the rules regarding nominating petitions. According to Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi (R-9) who introduced it Jan. 26, the the rule changes would make campaign contribution reports available online more quickly.

And in the not-so-clean-and-open category, Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati , R-25, announced that he “always intended” to repay gas driller Consol Energy for Super Bowl tickets, airfare and hotel that the Canonsburg-based firm provided him earlier this  month.

People are watching Republicans. The Pennsylvania Senate should start looking for a new President Pro Tempore.

2 thoughts on “Bill Would Ban Bonuses To Pa Workers”

  1. Ah, to have Simon-pure politicians! As Perry Como used to sing, “It’s Impossible.”

    Let’s settle for term limits, no pensions, no perks, –ah what the hell, throw in school vouchers too,. I know,”It’s impossible.”

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