Bob Small Oscar Rules

Bob Small Oscar Rules

By Bob Small

These would be the new Bob Small inclusion/exclusion rules for the 2024 Oscars.  We would not try to bake in any “diversity”, though this should be naturally  happening as our society diversifies, not by any rules. My limitations are language and time. Nothing else. Much simpler.

We should add that we are DVD/VHS only people as we no longer have cable and do not stream, or philosophic reasons. (That is a separate post) We’re dependent on DVD Netflix, Delaware County Library System and Thrift stores.

Every year we try to sample at least a few of the recent Oscar winning films. We do have our criteria and/or prejudices. Whether or not this is cultural imperialism, my feeling is that any film nominated for an Oscar by the Academy of Motion PictureArts and Sciences should be in English unless it is for Best International Feature Film.

Now we do watch (Indian) Bollywood Musicals and Operas, most of which are in other languages, but we don’t really need the subtitles to get the gist of what’s going on.  But we tried to watch “Everything Everywhere All at Once” but were quickly and unilaterally defeated in that effort, in trying to follow the subtitles. 

We did get through ” Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”, but missed about one third, again due to subtitles.  We’ll pass on the other foreign language films, including All Quiet on the Western Front, Bardo, Full Chronicle of Truths, The Quiet Girl, and Triangle of Sadness.  We’ll still watch RRR because it’s from India.  Maybe we are cultural imperialists.

Another objection we have is bloated films over two hours, though there are exceptions such as  King Kong (1976) ,Twilight’s last Gleaming , and The High and The Mighty.  This is subjectivity from times of watch-watching  i.e.  watching the 1997 Titanic in a Delco Theater and thinking “did he drown yet?”

Among the winners over two hours were;  Avatar:The Way of Water, Babylon, Blonde, Elvis, The Fabelmans, and Tar.

Who is the 2023 Hollywood audience for these films?  Are there still people going to movie theaters or is it all cable, streaming, etc?

We still plan to see;


The Banshees of Inasbern

The Batman (“cause it’s a Batman movie)


Empire of Light

The Fabelmans (because it’s Spielberg)


RRR (it’s from India, isn’t it?)


What would be your inclusion exclusion rules for the 2024 Oscars.?

Bob Small Oscar Rules
Bob Small Oscar Rules

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