Bobby Lawrence Explains His Side

Bobby Lawrence Explains His Side
Bobby Lawrence

Bobby Lawrence Explains His Side — An article that appeared on the left-wing, Canadian-hosted website is accusing Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Candidate Bobby Lawrence of abusing a staffer by leaving a nasty message on her answering machine.

There is another side that was omitted, however.

Lawrence notes that the person, Tania Burgess, was not a staffer or employee of his campaign but affiliated with America First Grassroots.

Lawrence and Ms. Burgess are supporters of Donald Trump, and Ms. Burgess offered to help Lawrence with his Aug. 26 Senate kickoff event in Greencastle

The event was scheduled and Ms. Burgess then claimed ownership of it, Lawrence says. He says she attempted to exert undue control and prominent persons whom Lawrence had expected to join him pulled out. He also feared Ms. Burgess’ actions would cause others  to quit the event.

So that explains the message which can be heard here.

He was not some big bully threatening some mild volunteer staffer as the article implies.

And how would a left-wing publication get the private voice mail of a proclaimed Trump supporter anyway?

Information about Lawrence, a Republican, can be found here.

Bobby Lawrence Explains His Side



2 thoughts on “Bobby Lawrence Explains His Side”

  1. It’s too bad that he resorted to gutter language to make his point. The other question is how did Ms. Burgess come to think that she had perhaps more control and authority than she did? It seems like there was mismanagement and miscommunication–to have gotten so far to the point where “prominent people” were backing out indicates that somebody wasn’t paying attention. And his response sure didn’t help his cause.

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