FBI Visits Turnpike HQ

FBI Visits Turnpike HQ — FBI agents were reported at the Harrisburg head offices of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, Oct. 22 and possibly Oct. 23. Apparently the US Justice Department has had a several months long investigation of corruption at the Commission.

The a  six-lane widening project in the Valley Forge area was bid at $90 million and costs have reached $140 million.

The scandal includes large quantities of defective concrete and drainage pipes left unconnected.

Thank you, Gov. X.

FBI Visits Turnpike HQ

Gov. X Still Trying To Toll I-80

A  study on the impact of tolling I-80 in Pennsylvania by Grove City College economist Tracy Miller highlights several flawsin the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission’s plan to toll the interstateunder Act 44.

Among the things the study notes are that tolling of I-80 would result in a large number of trucks diverting to roads like US 422 and 22, which are not designed for long-distance hauling.

You would think that with the global warming  and such enlightened Democratic leaders would not be pushing for things that would create snarls and increase CO2 emissions. Why would they?? Oh that’s right, state jobs. Patronage will trump a crisis each and every time with Ed Rendell.

Toll I-80 X-Man Again Tries

Toll I-80 X-Man Again Tries — Gov. Ed “X-Man” Rendell is bravely using his incompetence in state budgetary matters to revive an attempt to further snarl traffic on Pennsylvania’s interstate highways, namely making I-80 a toll road.

Smart idea. We can’t pay the state workers we have so let’s hire some more.

Toll roads are an extraordinarily inefficient means of raising revenue but their economic costs are better hidden than other taxes, and of course they give hacks of either party a chance to bestow jobs and have people kiss their rings.

With regard to the CO2-emitting traffic snarls, I guess some people who say global warming is a crisis don’t really believe it to be.

Toll I-80 X-Man Again Tries

Toll I-80 X-Man Again Tries