Ukrainian Freedom Fight Honored By IHF

Ukrainian Freedom Fight Honored By IHF

On this barricade in the Ukraine last January is Father Ighor Fedoryshyn.

The Independence Hall Foundation (IHF) will present its 2014 Defender of Liberty Award to the Ukrainian people–citing their determination to fight for Independence and freedom as their nation comes under siege from an increasingly hostile Russian government led by Vladimir Putin.

The award will be formally presented to Natalie Shyrba, a
representative of Razom for Ukraine, tomorrow, July 4, at the Independence Visitors Center on Independence Mall in Philadelphia.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder with the Ukrainian people as they struggle against all odds to maintain their independence, just as our founding fathers and mothers did in 1776,”  said Foundation organizer, Teri Adams.

“We support the efforts of the Ukrainian people to defend their national integrity and we encourage the United States government and NATO to supply Ukrainian Freedom Fighters with the weapons and other critical supplies they need to defend their nation’s independence.”

Last September, the Foundation named the four victims of the 2012 Benghazi Embassy attack–US Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods–as recipients of its 2013 Defender of Liberty Award.


Ukrainian Freedom Fight Honored By IHF

Leiper Church Becomes Holy Myrrh Bearers

Leiper Church Becomes Holy Myrrh BearersLeiper Church Becomes Holy Myrrh Bearers


It’s  official.

The Ukrainian Greek Catholic parishes of Holy Ghost in Chester and Saints Peter and Paul in Clifton Heights will be merging to Holy Myrrh Bearers with its home at the historic former Leiper Presbyterian Church, 900 Fairview Ave., Ridley Township albeit with a Swarthmore address.

Leiber, which opened in 1819, closed Jan. 8, 2012. Among those who worshiped there were presidents Andrew Jackson, William Henry Harrison and James Buchanan.

It was purchased by the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia in March.

Holy Ghost at 3015 W. 3rd St., and Saints Peter and Paul at 100 S. Penn St., will be closed and sold.

The first service at the new church is scheduled for Sept. 28 with a blessing ceremony the day before.

The Holy Myrrh Bearers, were those involved with the burial of the Lord Jesus and the discovery of the empty tomb on Easter.

UPDATE: the first service is now scheduled for Nov. 2 with the blessing ceremony the preceding day.

Biden Boy Corrupt Ukraine Connection

Biden Boy Corrupt Ukraine Connection

Biden Boy Corrupt Ukraine ConnectionThat’s Burisma Holdings Director Hunter Biden on the right.

Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is a board member of Burisma Holdings as is Devon Archer, who is a close pal of Secretary of State John Kerry.

Burisma Holdings is Ukraine’s largest private gas producer and is owned by Nikolai Zlochevsky, who was allied the Ukraine’s with Russian-puppet Viktor Yanukovych before the people threw him out in February.

Bet  you haven’t seen this in the Inquirer or on the network news. Wonder how Little Biden feels about fracking in the Ukraine.

The corrupt of the world are uniting. The rest of us better start  doing the same.

Biden Boy Corrupt Ukraine Connection

Ukraine Criminal Government Described

Ukraine Criminal Government Described
This is a letter passed on to us today, Jan. 23, giving a first-hand report of events occurring in the Ukraine as the people of that nation fight for democracy and freedom. The man on the barricade is Father Ighor Fedoryshyn, an activist priest and former military chaplain with wounds from Chechnya.

He’s the perfect illustration it seems of  “a people who will not be slaves again.”

The letter is a version that one might not get from the establishment media.

We are leaving it unedited.

Uncle John

today 6 Ukrainians has been killed. hundreds got injures and hundreds are arested.

4 of them killed by grapeshot cartridges. police said – we do not use guns. Police really do not use rifled barrel guns now. but they use shot-guns 12 caliber, and shot by plastic bullets. probably somebody of them loaded grapeshot cartridges in to shot-gun and killed people. it is impossible to investigate by ballistics(not rifled barrel).

one was killed probably by police sticks(but police version – he fall down from building when he threw stones in policemens from that building).

two Ukrainians were stolen from hospital. doctors saw that. kidnappers bringed them to some garage, beat them and asked who gave money for demonstration (they really think that USA and EU governments pay money to ukrainians for participation in demonstrations). yesterday one of hostages got free. today dead body of another was found  near Kiev. I think it was Russian KGB. I am sure police will never find his killers.

Unfortunnately tonight will be more victims.

I want you to know and understant. that what you see on tv and internet is not civil war yet. that is fights between right and false, between people and criminals. Unfortunatelly police protect criminals. Our criminal government could avoid violence, but it did not because government do not realise real situation in country, and have very stupid rule – NO STEP BACK, JUST FORWARD. we all know what can happed if somebody push the spring to much – spring will hit him.

It looks like angry criminals beat defenceless, poor policements by rocks and bottle with gas, when americans see tv or internet reports from Ukraine. but USA police and Ukrainian police is opposite things. 85% of such people who work in ukrainian police, stay in jail in USA or EU. police do crimes to protect president, and government do everything to help avoid response for police

I appreciate your prays for us.


Visit for Ukraine Criminal Government Described
Visit for Ukraine Criminal Government Described


Swine Flu Panic In Ukraine

European media sources are reporting a swine flu panic in Ukraine. There have been 33 deaths from flu-like symptoms, 11 of which have been confirmed as swine flu according to Polskie Radio.

Poland is considering closing the border.

The Ukraine Health Ministry is planning to impose quarantine throughout nation according to Kyiv Post.