Civilization Almost Ended In 2012

Civilization Almost Ended In 2012What a solar storm looks like


Civilization almost ended in 2012 just as those crazy Mayans had predicted.

A massive solar eruption happened on July 23 of  that year that would have fried just about all circuit boards on Planet Earth if it hit us.

If it happened two weeks earlier it would have.

Without circuit boards water would not be pumped, electricity would not be transmitted and automobiles made after the 1980s would not have started.

Food would spoil in refrigerators and freezers. Hospitals would be paralyzed.

The death told would likely be in the billions.

And it almost happened.

A solar storm of that magnitude did strike Earth but that was in September 1859 and it was no big deal.

But that was well before computer chips and power was produced by muscle and steam, and food for storage was either salted or dried or kept in ice houses.

Things are different now.

A solar strike is inevitable. NASA is giving one a 12 percent chance of happening in  the next decade.

It strikes us as being far wiser to invest in shielding our infrastructure to resist it than following the Chicken Little proponents of global warming. This would mean investing in upgrades for power facilities and water pumping stations. It would mean making sure that all emergency vehicles can withstand an EMP blast — basically the same thing. It would mean encouraging world automobile makers to design consumer vehicles with the appropriate shielding. It would mean factoring in EMP shielding in home design and educating the average person on how best to shield his home.

One wonders about the lack of discussion about such matters.


Civilization Almost Ended In 2012

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