Dems Cook Elections With Phantom Voters

Dems Cook Elections With Phantom Voters — Jay Valentine writing in The Federalist notes how while Republican leaders are well aware of the voter registry, they are completely clueless regarding the records concerning the ballot, phantom and address inventories.

“NGOs, leftist entities like homeless shelters, churches, and other groups sponsor registration drives whose registrants are frequently people of no known address who will depart the area shortly after their registration is complete,” Valentine writes.

Valentine says his group ran the voter registration rolls against church addresses in a dozen states and found thousands of people registered at a church in which it was clear there was no place to sleep.

He says the goal of the leftists is to create an inventory of identities who never vote. 

“It’s important that they never vote — or if they do, their manager fills in the ballot,” he said.  “If one of our vagrants shows up at a polling place to cast a vote and is told “…sorry pal, you already voted!” it invites scrutiny.”

He notes the Ds and Rs see the same names on the voter list, but Ds know which ones are phantoms, i.e. people long gone from that address yet accumulating a ballot every election.

In close elections, the leftists vote them. 

And that is why the left always seems to win close elections.

Valentine offers a pretty good fix though.

Read the whole article here.

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Dems Cook Elections With Phantom Voters
Dems Cook Elections With Phantom Voters

3 thoughts on “Dems Cook Elections With Phantom Voters”

  1. Interesting read. Only two conclusions can be drawn: Either the author’s conslusions about elections now beyond the control of voters is true OR the majority of the American voting public has lost it’s mind. In either case, self-determination is essentially lost. Why rock the boat of the “loyal opposition” party when they do make those tiny gains on major issues–despite the fact that those gains are forever being rendered inconsequentia by a rigged system designed only to maintain the illusion of freedom and self-determination? Consider this, leftists, progressives, extremists from all sides and everybody else who thinks they’re a “player”(yeah, even local hacks who don’t take money, just ego strokes)–by corrupting the very system that ensured some level of self-determination, haven’t you sentenced all of us to “life” in a new American “gulag” (for lack of a better term) in which only those at the top of the heap benefit? Sorry to be a grinch, but it seems obvious to me…and who, among us, has the trust, capacity and courage and has stepped up to offer better?

    1. He goes into specific and relatively easy ways to beat this at the link, but to sum it up it means those opposing the tyrants simply crosscheck property tax rolls with the voter registration.

      You would think the GOP would be the organization doing this but it’s looking like we might have to start our own.

      1. Yes Bill, exactly my point. Based on lack of strong, enthusiastic leadership from Republicans in Chester County and statewide for a very long time–a history of often nominating the most unqualified,in favor of long-waiting party hacks, lack of appropriate support in resources for qualified nominees, lack of outreach to expand the base and the face of the party, lack of twenty first century methods to fund raise beyond “the usual suspects”, and a statewide presence that mimics the walking dead (the list goes on and on)–I don’t see Republicans spearheading election reform until it’s too late and oops, isn’t “too late” already here? How many voters of all kinds do you know that actually give thought to the implications for themselves, their children and grandchildren in what has become the pantomime that self-determination exists in America via the vote? There have been groups organized to do what you suggest re the voter roles, etc., and where was widespread–and what should be nonpartisan support–for those? The worst among us are part of the problem, a few have tried to fight it, and the rest would much rather maintain the illusion that their lives are their own in this country. Yeah, you can see the last bit of Bedford Falls in your rear view…

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