DNC Will Find Overrun Chicago Inhospitable

DNC Will Find Overrun Chicago Inhospitable

By Joe Guzzardi

When Chicago hosts the Democratic National Convention in August, the Windy City will be less hospitable than the DNC and President Joe Biden hope for. In his statement, Biden said that Chicago is “a great choice” to host the convention where Democrats can “showcase our historic progress including building an economy from the middle out and bottom up, not from the top down.”

Before getting too giddy about Chicago as an ideal city to tout his party’s “historic progress” on “building an economy,” Biden would gain insight from listening to what black Democrats think about the illegal alien invasion that has devastated working-class citizens’ lives.

Here’s a sampling of excerpted comments from residents directed to Mayor Brandon Johnson who presided over the March 20 City Council meeting.

The first commentor, a legal immigrant woman who lives in the Gage Park area, a working-class, Hispanic neighborhood now converted into illegal alien camps, said that her family is a “prisoner” in their own home. Packages have been stolen from her porch. Illegal aliens have urinated in her front yard and sell food without licenses. Police come but do nothing. “They [illegal aliens] need to leave now, we demand it. Taxpayers have been put in harm’s way; we want our park back.” The media “censors our voices.”

Second, a black man, said that the illegal aliens “keep on coming,” and Chicago houses them “in nice hotels,” while veterans are sleeping on the streets as Chicago spends “millions and billions on migrants.”  [Exclusive of costs incurred by other agencies that include Chicago Public Schools, the Department of Streets and Sanitation and Cook Country Health, in the past year-and-a-half, Chicago has spent nearly $300 million.] “Fake news” covers up the truth.

Third, a black woman, criticized Chicago’s sanctuary city policy that allows Johnson “to stick people in our neighborhoods.” She exposed WOTC, Illinois’ Work Opportunity Tax Credit, intended as an incentive for employers to hire veterans and welfare recipients but is being used instead to hire fraudulent asylum seekers. We “promise to vote you out.”

Fourth, a black man, “Blacks get nothing…who are these people? Are you a criminal? A pedophile? Why are you pushing out black people? Sell out…evil… corrupt…most corrupt city in America…not wading across the Rio Grande to help blacks…[they’re] selfish.”

Fifth, an immigrant woman and Gage Park resident, “We are the taxpayers. I dare you to walk by at night…I promise you will not like it, we want our safety back…our neighborhood is trash. My children cannot go into the yard, overwhelmed by marijuana smoke. The system is failing us. We are the ones who put you there [in office] and we are the ones who can take you back.”

Sixth, a black woman, “You [Johnson] have appointed a Deputy Mayor for Immigrant Affairs [Beatriz Ponce de León, Deputy Mayor of Immigrant, Migrant and Refugee Rights]. Where, the woman asked, is the Deputy Mayor for black affairs? Chicago has added 5,000 students to its public-school enrollments but, she emphasized, hasn’t built a single new school. In a remark directed to blacks, “we’re being led to slaughter.”

Each speaker was allotted three minutes; at the end of their time, Johnson had the same insincere response: “Thank you very much for your comments.” Many more blistering anti-Johnson, anti-Biden online comments, 6,700 as of March 25, were posted near-unanimously in support of the Chicago residents. Most noted, correctly, that Johnson had no interest in the citizens’ fate.

Sure enough, just days after the City Council meeting, Johnson took a bow for Chicago’s accommodating approach to the illegal aliens’ influx that has devastated Gage Park and other overwhelmed locales. In his press conference, Johnson boasted about Chicago’s “open and quite accommodating” approach to resettling illegal immigrants when compared to other blue cities like New York, Denver, and Washington D.C.

In the four-plus months that remain until the Democrat’s convention, Chicago’s betrayed citizens’ temperatures will grow higher. The sweltering summer months will bring more brazen crime, more public weed smoking, and less likelihood that the Chicago people will support the craven politicians that have so assiduously worked to displace them.

DNC Will Find Overrun Chicago Inhospitable

Joe Guzzardi is an Institute for Sound Public Policy analyst who has written about immigration for more than 30 years. Contact him at jguzzardi@ifspp.org.

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    1. Which is why everyone has to come out to vote in person, to make it harder for them to cheat…

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