Election Concerns Again Expressed In Delco Pa

Election Concerns Again Expressed In Delco Pa — Election concerns were again expressed In Delaware County, Pa. and County Councilwoman Christine A. Reuther again, last night, Feb. 7, angrily dismissed them.

Joy Schwartz of Drexel Hill said it is impossible for ballots to be certified at the central counting center at the Wharf in a trustworthy way. The counting center is where the mail-in ballots are processed.

Mrs. Schwartz implored these ballots be returned to precincts where the counting can be observed by poll watchers and the election workers are familiar with residents.

It is not widely known but poll watchers do not have the same rights and powers at counting centers as they do at precincts.

Mrs. noted that our security for our elections have been practically outsourced to the corporations that make voting machines and writer their softeare.

She demanded that the counting center be closed and the counting of mail in ballots be returned to precinct

Also expressing concerns about our elections was Barb Lewis of Radner specifically regarding the SURE system which is how Pennsylvania tracks registered voters.

Ms. Reuther said it was unfortunate that people still spread doubts about elections in Delaware County.

We say look in the mirror. We say it is pretty weird to fight open record requests regarding business correspondence especially when the state arbiters rule against you.

Also Carris Kocher of Concord pointed out that oaths of office are required by law at the prothonotary office. She said she looked for those of several Delaware County officials but was unable to find them.

Laws being ignored about small things is a sign that laws are being ignored about big ones.

Election Concerns Again Expressed In Delco Pa

Election Concerns Again Expressed In Delco Pa

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  1. Having an oath of office on file is not a law about a small thing, it is part of the basis of our representative form of government. It bonds the trust between the citizens and those entrusted to serve we citizens. Without it there is no legitimate government. Without it there is no accountability. Without it there is no bulwark against tyranny. This is insult AND injury. This must be dealt with and rectified by any and all legal means available. Period.

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