Frankie Lozada Wants To Be First Hispanic President

Frankie Lozada Wants To Be First Hispanic President — Frankie Lozada wants to be our next President, the first Hispanic president.  Frankie, a New York Democrat, feels he is qualified to be the “next leader of the best country in the world”. 

He says that “poverty is the largest illness that plagues America”.

Frankie recently joined Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in addressing the Hispanic Chamber gala in Savannah,Ga..

A former firefighter, his resume can be viewed here.

He previously ran for Congrees in New York’s 5th District.

He says he wants Medicare for all and to “encourage competition among pharmaceutical firms” 

He was one of the few Democratic candidates to quote the Bible which came up during a discussion of immigration citing  Matthew 25 31-40;  “I was hungry and you gave me food. I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me”. 

“For a country that was founded on religious freedom, we have strayed away from our values when we deny our own neighbors at the border and beyond,” he said.

He also suggests a “credit forgiveness program.”

Regarding prison reform he said prisons are intended to be rehabilitation centers but have “punishment facilities that embezzle money from our government.”

“The United States has a 68 percent rate of recidivism,”he says.

See also his extensive responses on Ballotpedia’s candidate connection survey.

Now, why should anyone consider any of these lesser-known Democratic Candidates?  After all, Joe Biden is scheduled to run again. 

Well, Biden appears to have various “issues”, and there are not a plethora of well-known candidates seeking the Democrat nomination. 

RFK Jr. running as an independent, after all, and has demoted Marianne Williamson to the “ other Democrats” list, which the political equivalent of the Reading Phillies.

Shades of Woodrow Wilson

Could it be time for the Democrats to look elsewhere. 

Can they?

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