Government Rationing Regeneron It’s Revealed

Government Rationing Regeneron It’s Revealed — The establishment media is not a watchdog of government but its mere mouthpiece so we will share this Twitter thread from Jim Jackson, who describes himself as Urgent Care specialist, golf addict, UTMB + TAMU, life member #NRA, #RuleofLaw, #MAGA forever.

Jackson reveals that the government is now rationing monoclonal antibody distribution, and claims it is specifically aimed at areas with low vaccination rates.

Monoclonal antibodies treatment i.e. Regeneron has been proved to be successful against Covid-19.

So ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are stridently discouraged, and now Regeneron is rationed.

They’re still pushing the barely tested vaccines, though.

What kind of monsters have we put in charge of our health?

See where West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice just said that Covid deaths of vaccinated people have increased 25 percent? Of course not. Thank you Jamie Dlux for reporting this.

Justice comes on at the 6:30 mark.

Here’s Jackson’s Tweets in case they should disappear.

Government Rationing Regeneron It's Revealed
Government Rationing Regeneron It's Revealed

Here’s a screen shot of the announcement from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Emergency site.

Government Rationing Regeneron It's Revealed

HCQ and ivermectin — well, cough, not if you have a, cough, horse — may be hard to get but Vitamin D and C are sold OTC as is zinc and Quercetin, which Dr. Zev Zelenko  says is an emergency substitute for the prescription drugs.

Dr. Zelenko is selling a convenience pack here. Note that Zelenko has been outspoken that you can buy the ingredients elsewhere online and at most drug stores, and is quite open with how you should take it.

Government Rationing Regeneron

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