Illegal Alien Murders Vs Rifles

Illegal Alien Murders Vs Rifles — Charlie Kirk makes a great point on Twitter to counter those seeking to restrict 2nd Amendment rights due to recent publicized shootings — as opposed to the far more frequent unpublicized shootings in places with strict gun control.

Illegal Alien Murders Vs Rifles

Charlie noted that there have been 403 deaths this year from being shot by rifles while ICE arrested over 2,000 illegal aliens with murder charges last year.

Why are Democrats more upset with rifles than illegals when illegals cause more deaths?

By the way, did you know that medical mistakes cause 250,000 deaths per year? Should we ban hospitals?

Our position is simple: Every sane, law abiding citizen should be encouraged to have a gun, including, no especially, an AR, and to vote. Every insane or criminally inclined person should be prevented from having a gun or voting.

Smoke that SJWs. Corrupt use of the ballot is just as destructive as corrupt use of the right to bear arms.

Illegal Alien Murders Vs Rifles

2 thoughts on “Illegal Alien Murders Vs Rifles”

  1. I used to own guns when I lived on the farm, now all sold. I live in Canada near Toronto now and wish I had kept my guns for protection here now.
    In Toronto drug gang violence with guns is becoming out of control, our LIEberal government here wishes to ban all guns but now just hand guns, as you know that would just be the law abiding licensed people, because the use of over 90% of these illegal guns and shootings are being carried out by “newcomers” to Toronto, and our LIEberal government is letting this forced migration get out of control, our very unfortunate Trudeau Regime here, calls us colonials to be gotten replaced, white supremacists when we complain of all the corruption and violence being brought in, and have even called long time Canadians Nazi’s, racists, etc. We are having, caused by a unethical Regime, who with our tax dollars and out of control Canadian debt, bought out (600 Million) our mainstream media and they’re mostly owned by lefties anyway and Canadians are forced to read and hear LIEberal propaganda and a lot of news from outside the country is not allowed. Our PM(almost dictator) wants Canada as a “post National state” etc. etc. we are falling like Venezuela has. So fight to keep an American Sovereign For your American People government, Trump is doing a great job, even if our news says opposite, and definitely keep your guns in the right hands.

    1. Thank you, Nancy, for your explanation of how things are in Canada. We in the US are not aware of how things are for you. Sounds very similar to our situations, so thank you for the warning and advice!

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