John Schiess, A Well-Traveled GOP Candidate

John Schiess, A Well-Traveled GOP Candidate

By Bob Small

John Schiess is a fascinating GOP Presidential Candidate. Though currently in Wisconsin, he has lived in Alaska, Arizona, and Oregon, at least, and ran for the Senate two years ago in Alaska.

He believes several unsubstantiated “conspiracy theories”, the most fascinating of is what he calls “reconquista

He goes on to connect this with the CPUSA who, he alleges, are working with the “Mexican Reconquista” movement to take over the US. This group is so clever they have removed themselves from the Internet! However, there was a historic “Reconquista”, and concerned taking the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslims.

He also is concerned about “Agenda 21” which he says is a UN plan to abolish private property; base world government on public decree and not individual rights; reduce the population; subvert the principles of the Declaration of Independence; and destroy the governing authority of the United States Constitution.

Now, there’s a legend that when Leon Trotsky worked on the failed revolution of 1905, he only went door to door to gather people, not by letter or phone, etc. so that the Czar’s Secret Police wouldn’t have knowledge of this.

This cannot be verified by the internet, either.

In the “general statement section he says “If President Obama met Daniel Boone at the Cumberland Gap, he would be ticketed for not having covered wagon and horse insurance, or maybe not having a seat belt. Mr. Boone might also be in trouble for unregistered firearms, children not registered in school, and the lack of healthcare insurance. “

And in Barron Co. Sex Pollution Resolution he compares Al Capone to the Kremlin Leaders,

My thoughts were always that Al Capone was a capitalist with a big C, rather than a Socialist.

He also has a list of quotes including this one from Subversion Quotes;

“Most people don’t realize that the Kremlin has already invaded America” Archibald Roosevelt (1959) the fifth son of Theodore Roosevelt and under Virtue Quotes; “If we pamper or exhibit too much patience for the weak and degenerate, they become a cancer on the nation” -Lindsey Williams

Maybe he’s the Vermin Supreme of the GOP.

Vermin Supreme Again Seeks Presidency – BillLawrenceOnline

John Schiess, A Well-Traveled GOP Candidate

One thought on “John Schiess, A Well-Traveled GOP Candidate”

  1. Well, the concept of a Mexican reconquista of our southwest isn’t that much of a conspiracy theory, since “The Race” (la Raza) has a goal of taking back the territory we won from Mexico in the Mexican War. Connecting that to the Communist Party USA, though, does introduce the element of conspiracy theory to the concept.
    Whether The Race can ever truly achieve that goal remains to be seen. If it does happen, it will be with the collaboration of the Democrats and the Left, the Progressives. Inasmuch as they are the intellectual cousins of the Marxists of all stripes-related like breeds of dogs, or cats-there’s the connection, perhaps, with Communism.

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