Julian Assange Newsweek Article From 2014

Julian Assange Newsweek Article From 2014 — It pleases us to find journalism committed where it is not expected so this extract from Julian Assange’s book When Google Met WikiLeaks is a pleasure as it was published by the usually unreliable Newsweek on Oct. 23, 2014.

Julian Assange Newsweek Article From 2014

The extract — which can also be found on Wikileaks — notes that Google is intrinsically part of the globalist “deep state” and is actually pretty evil.

For what it’s worth, we think Assange is a good guy/white hat/hero without whom the vile Hillary Clinton would be our president.

Assange can’t be a traitor to America as he is not an American. For any other crimes he may have committed, seven years incarceration in an Ecuadorian embassy is more than sufficient punishment.

Julian Assange Newsweek Article From 2014

One thought on “Julian Assange Newsweek Article From 2014”

  1. Thanks for posting. Interesting read, certainly from the vantage point of a few years past being written.

    I couldn’t help noting a few typos in the early part of the article, but I guess that’s neither her nor there in today’s rapid publishing. Lots goes out with typos.

    Did want to comment on this section:

    “That April, $32,300 went to the National Republican Senatorial Committee. A month later the same amount, $32,300, headed off to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Why Schmidt was donating exactly the same amount of money to both parties is a $64,600 question.”

    That indicates a surprising amount of naivete for Assange, who supposedly is so whip smart. That’s fairly common in the corporate world (or at least when I was in it, and that has been a while ago now) to give to both sides. Your hedging your bets, because you don’t know who will be in power.

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