No Mask Speakeasies For NYC?

No Mask Speakeasies For NYC? — Bob Small has let us know about East Ghost Reports which is keeping a valuable record of authoritarianism done in the name of public health with regard to covid.

It includes arrests of those trying to get food without a vaccine passport in New York City.

Bob predicts “no mask” speakeasies for The Big Apple.

Here is East Ghost Reports Bitchute channel.

No Mask Speakeasies For NYC?
No Mask Speakeasies For NYC?

One thought on “No Mask Speakeasies For NYC?”

  1. My daughter and I have seen what is happening in NYC first-hand. We have attended several of these rallies and protests – you can see us in some of the videos. Learn about it for yourselves. What happens in NY is coming to PA. Already Philadelphia has implemented an illegal vaccine passport for restaurants.
    We especially enjoyed listening to Bobby Kennedy, Jr., the creator of the Children’s Health Defense. Watch the video (10/17) and listen to him. There will be a huge national rally in Washington, DC, on January 23rd. Gathering at the Washington Monument and marching to the Lincoln Memorial. At the Lincoln Memorial will be recording artists, prominent doctors, journalists, pro athletes, actors and premier thought leaders who will give a series of inspiring “TED talks” and musical performances. Go to for details.
    Even though Gov. Wolf has said he will not go back to mask mandates or start with the vax passport nonsense, individual cities and towns, i.e. Philly and New Hope have. You can bet Valerie Arkoosh, Chair of Montco Board of Commissioners and candidate for Toomey’s senate seat, will implement these mandates here in Montgomery County. The North Penn School Board, whose many members have received hefty contributions from Arkoosh for their own campaigns for higher office, will not back off the face mask mandate for students. As bad as it is for NYC is as bad as it will get for us. We have to start fighting against the mandates, both mask and vax, NOW in both Philly and Montgomery County. There are some protests being organized in Philly. We need to start protesting in Norristown, the seat of Montgomery County.
    While marching in the rallies in NYC, onlookers will shout obscenities and yell that we are crazy. They are the insane, following the fake news as though it is religion. But there are some who cheer the marchers on and give the thumbs up. Too bad more of them won’t join the march. We have made a few friends there as well. It is exceedingly difficult for them. At least we can come back to PA where it has not gotten so bad – yet.

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